Welcome To My Blog

Hello! It’s great to meet you. I’d shake your hand, but I am a website. See, I don’t have hands. But, a pleasure anyway.

Welcome to Tales Spun From Imagination. Formed in July 31, 2015, this site is filled with stories of fantasy, and a bit of science fiction, I’ll admit. There are a few posts that are about the real world, and a little about me as well.

I’ll admit also, that my stories are only ordered by categories, tags, and time. I don’t have topics separated by months, especially since storywriting, due to my crazy scheduling, does take months. So, what you’ll see is the latest on top, and the earlier ones downstream.

Don’t worry, things will be easier.

Anyway, you can tour around, and look at my posts, and have some fun. Salamat(thank you), and goodbye.