Hello, strange world!

The picture of the famous, fantasy-like Neuschwanstein castle in Upper Bavaria. Like that castle, I hope my blog will inspire and spark the imaginations inside, even the most unlikely of people. This picture can be found in www.baviere-quebec.org.


                     Hello, welcome to my blog! I have created this one just so…i can write down my imaginations. They are gonna be wild, twisted, like a tornado, but also as gentle as a touch; as rich as chocolate and gold; as full of wonder, like an abstract painting, and/or beautiful, wordless music-daring you to imagine what you see as you let the images flow around you. Overall, they will put you in satire, and wonder.

I know these descriptions seem sentimental, but I hope my stories will be good. They will be fair for anyone, so there will be no horrible comments on anyone, so it will be read for anyone. My dream is to be an author, and I’ve constantly think up crazy scenarios, that are anything but ordinary. They are all funny, and I often start laughing as a result. I often tell them to my twin-sister (who would like to remain anonymous) and she would laugh with me as well, and she laughs for real. But my scenarios are serious, as well. So watch out for any that aren’t meant to be funny. But we loved them anyway (who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Shakespeare!). 😉

I’m sure that you will enjoy them as well as my twin-sister and I did. Oh well, I am in a strange world, and I like to make some stories for all ages.

Your most truly,

livelyburone (liv’-lee-byuhr-own)


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