The Dancer in the Snow-Part 1

This is a picture of a ballerina’ (obviously), and the reason I put that image up there was so that I can emphasize the point that this dancer in the story, was under a spell. You can find it in


It was a bright and snowy day. December 20, 2014, before Winter Vacation. Grey-eyed Tanya Briggons, an experienced dancer, waited until PM Homeroom is over. She was in her turquoise coat with white fur lined on the hood, black skinny pants and indigo snow boots. She checked once more by looking at her small mirror, if her dark hair was in a perfect bun. Her spray of freckles secured her youthful appearance, even though she is 13.

The bell rang and the class stood up to go home. Only that seconds after the entire class got up, that strange things started happening.

First the bell kept ringing so much that the vibration was everywhere, enough to make Tanya fall back to her chair. All of her classmates and everything else but Tanya were completely frozen in position, like they became life-like statues that got from Madame Tussauds.

Gradually the bell’s ringing faded out, but the vibration was still there. Dizzy, Tanya closed her eyes and blacked out.

When she opened her eyes, the vibration was gone, and she found herself lying on the snowy ground of her schoolyard. Snow gently fell on her, and she felt really dizzy, to the point she wouldn’t move.

Then she heard a soft, feminine voice that said,” Tanya, get up.”

She felt herself gracefully float upward to her full height. Tanya saw a lady with snow-white skin. Her eyes were blue, but showing no warmth whatsoever. Her lips were blue, like the lips of a frozen person, and her hair which is tied up to look queenly, is white, yet she looked young and timeless. A silver intricate crown rested on her head.

Tanya, looking at her features, groggily asked,” Are you the Snow Queen?”

The Snow Queen replied,” Yes, Tanya. And you shall dance for me.” then the Queen glided to the far left of her,” Just the way I want you to.”

She raised her hands and moved them around, almost like a conductor would, and with detached emotion, Tanya danced the way the Snow Queen wanted her to. Sometimes, she would try to make her own moves, and pain shot up from where she made her own moves, enough to almost make her cry, and get her back to position. She danced for a long time, but she wasn’t tired yet. In fact, it wasn’t Tanya, who was making the moves the Snow Queen wanted. It was the Snow Queen possessing her, so that the Queen was assured that Tanya won’t go against her.

When the Snow Queen was done, Tanya felt her mouth say,” When shall we dance again, your Majesty?” Even, her words were controlled. What she wanted to say, was,” Snow Queen, I want to dance my own way. Please leave, and let me go home. My older brother, Phineas,  must be looking for me.”

The Queen must have read her thoughts and said,” Your brother will be fine, and this is where you’ll live now. And remember, you dance my way, or you will die, which what you wouldn’t want.” She smiled coldly, and added,” We will dance when I summon you. Now, you will rest.” She flicked her hand, and Tanya lost consciousness.


This is the first part of my story. I apologize if the story scares you, but the second part will be better. When the real thing begins.



P.S: I don’t watch horror movies, or get it from any movie at all.


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