The Red Trapping Flower

The image shows the carnivorous flower in the animated movie Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, after it ate up the saber-tooth tiger named Diego, and the mammoth, Manny. This picture is from                                                                                                                              __________________________________________________________________

This is one of the scenarios I’ve thought of the other day. Don’t worry, I still remember the details, and I hope I didn’t do anything wrong in the process of typing this.

Scenario: Four friends are wandering through the Amazon rainforest. They have their provisions and they are looking for a lost companion of theirs.

One of the friends (let’s call him Danny), turns and saw a nice flower with a red, exotic blossom, and a long, green stem-like the kind of flower you’d find in a tropical place (obviously) and give to someone. So, Danny wanted to give to one of the two girls, Shawna and Ruth, since they were a bit bummed out in the forest. He called out to his friends saying,” Hey guys! Look what I’ve found!”

They come and see the red flower, all of them with confused, like Why did Danny alert to us about a flower?, but they kept that to themselves, since they don’t want to be rude. The flower is beautiful, after all.

What 3 of the friends didn’t know, was how dangerous the flower was, beneath it’s beauty.

As Danny walked towards the flower to pick it up, Ruth knew what the flower was, and shouted,” Don’t pick it up! the flower’s dangerous!”

Because Ruth is an expert on strange plants, Danny obeyed her. Instead, he got his smartphone, and took a picture of it, using flash.

That turned out to be a huge mistake, because immediately after he did, the flower closed it’s petals and grew taller and larger. The area around him, by a foot, caved open, and Danny fell in. Then, he was sucked inside the roots and up the stem, and into the closed bulb.

The girls were frightened, but Luke (the second boy) wasn’t gonna cower away and leave Danny in there. So, he got out his dagger and charged through it, slicing any vines that came his way. But the vines encircled his ankles and lifted him up, and the bulb opened a bit, like someone would open his mouth to eat a shrimp while holding it in his hand. And sure enough, Luke, who was suspended in air, fell into the open bulb, with Danny screaming,” Oh no. No-no-no-no!” and the bulb closed, leaving the two scared girls alone. The flower then sank to the ground, and the stem disappeared to the earth.

When the boys ended up sitting next to each other inside the bulb of the flower, Luke tried to lighten up the situation by saying, ” Hey , man. At least you won’t be lonely in this place.” But, Danny still felt scared, because he feared that the girls would be trapped in there, and they would all be in there for good. That made him feel claustrophobic.

After the plant stopped moving, with the bulb looking forty times the size it was before, Ruth began to make a plan. Usually, when things are calm, or that she is away from the chaos, she can think up of a plan to solve a problem. She whispered softly to Shawna,” The only way to get them out is to water it with heated honey. The insides will get swollen, and the flower will open it’s petals and everything  will be spat out, including Danny and Luke. But don’t worry. The flower heal itself of the pain within a few minutes, and be back to normal.”

Shawna thought it was a good idea but she thought How are we gonna get honey? I mean, Ruth couldn’t have it her backpack. Right?

It just turns out she did. For she dug her hands inside her backpack, and got a liter-jar of honey from her hand. ” I knew something bad was gonna happen to us, all because of the boys.” She rolled her eyes like Can you believe those guys?

Shawna got out a box of matches and struck a match against one, and the match was on fire. That was a test to see if it worked in the environment they were on, so she blew the match out. She put the box of matches down, and gathered some dry branches with Ruth and gathered them into a pile. Shawna struck another match on fire and threw the match onto the pile of branches. The pile was ablaze.

Ruth got a thin metal hangar out and unraveled it to a tall stick which top part was bent with a hook at the end. Luckily the cover of the honey had a little hole for hooks like that, so they to heat it up for three minutes.

Once they were sure that the honey was heated well enough, they carried it towards the flower. The girls both hoped that the flower doesn’t have eyes, or any sense of the heated honey, which almost seemed nuts, because Ruth had known that flowers don’t have senses that humans do. Which made her more unsure about it. Then they poured the honey to the ground near the flower, scared about the possible outcomes.

Meanwhile, inside the flower, the boys saw liquid filling up the flower, Luke punched and kicked the flower, trying hard to get out, but it was all in vain. When the liquid reached knee-deep, Luke shouted,” Girls, I hope you know what you’re doing, because some liquid is filling up and we might drown!”

Ruth heard him, and murmured,” Of course we knew what were doing.” By that time, the jar was empty. The girls ran back, ignoring the burning fire, to avoid being hit by the fireplace.

Next, just like a charm, the flower flew open, and everything-just like what Ruth said-came flying out of the flower, dousing the fire, and spitting slimy Danny and Luke out towards the girls. The boys landed on the girls, and the four landed on the ground.

The boys stood up, and helped the girls up. Danny, was panting and shouted,” That was the COOLEST THING WE’VE GONE THROUGH! Can we do it again!?”

” NO!!!” the three said.

” Hey,” Danny said.” I was just saying”.


I hope you liked this very long, anecdote. I know that it might be too long, but I hope you enjoyed it, anyway.




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