The Dancer in the Snow-Part 2

The cozy, warm fireplace

The image of the fireplace is there to symbolize warmth between families, and the goodness of life, and the glory of memories (the two glasses of possibly red wine emphasize that). Family was pretty important to the protagonist. It’s found in


This is part 2, of the story, so sit back and enjoy the second part of the story.


For a while, Tanya danced for the Snow Queen every time she was summoned. She danced the Snow Queen’s way in front of the Snow Queen’s many guests, and with the Snow Queen’s orchestra, that played the same tune over and over. The orchestra consists of 18 young kids aged between 10 to 16. There were 10 violinists, 3 cellists, 1 drummer, 1 harpist, 1 pianist, and 4 flute players. They all are pale, with no slightest hint of pink on their cheeks. Their lips were blue, like a frozen person’s are. Their hair were all white as well, and they played beautifully, yet with vacant stares. All are wearing white-the boys are wearing completely white tuxedos and dress shoes, while the girls were wearing the same completely white dresses that reach the ankles that have short puffed sleeves, and a thin silk sash at the waist, and barefoot. Tanya felt that the kids should look differently, but couldn’t figure out how, really. And as time went on, Tanya forgot, bit by bit, of who she was. And whenever the Snow Queen is about to put her to rest after the orchestra leave, Tanya felt this extremely strong sense of dread, like she had to do something and that some people she cared about, must be looking for her. All that before she blacks out.

Suddenly, she awoke to a splash of hot water that poured on her. She opened her eyes, tired, to a teenage boy holding a blue plastic bucket, dressed in a snowsuit. He looked about fifteen, and his skin is somewhat-what’s the word-peach, and made him look alive. He also had dark wavy hair that barely reached his chin, and the same grey eyes that she had. Sitting near her, looking at her, concerned as the boy was breathing quickly in fear, though Tanya didn’t know what he was scared of.

” Oh, man, Tanya. You look so pale and cold-thank God you’re alive.” He touched her cheek and his fingers felt…felt…

Warm. Tanya thought. She couldn’t believe she was forgetting words as well. Then the boy stood up, ran to some parts of the place, (that she forgot of what is was) gathering twigs and a couple of stones, from his backpack that he was carrying. Tanya wanted to help, but she couldn’t move anything but her head, eyes, hands, and toes. She knew that it was supposed to drive her crazy, but the detached emotion she was feeling was more dominant. Also, she knew that the boy was one of the people she deeply cared about, but she couldn’t remember who he is. She tried to recall, but nothing came to her head, as he was striking the stones together, creating tiny lights-sparks. Tanya decided to force herself up, and do something on her own. But her limbs hurt, like they would after she awoke from yesterday’s rigorous dancing after not doing them much for a while.

Come on, Tanya. she told herself in her head. You ain’t having polio in here. You faced this pain before. But she felt as if some hand was pushing her back to the ground. Back to sleep. She moved herself up to sitting position anyway, and the pain that screamed all over her hurt like a son of a gun, making her wince. Tears welled up in her eyes, because of that. Tanya knew she was moving against the Snow Queen, but she, despite her lack of feeling anything at all, wanted to help the boy.

He must have noticed her moving in pain, because he said,” Look, Tanya. if you’re in pain while moving, relax. Don’t push yourself too hard.” he looked away from his work,(which is okay since the extremely warm, moving light-fire-was burning) and asked,” Anyway, what happened?”

” Umhh…I-” she said, trying to speak, but her mouth and tongue won’t move. Then, she remembered some code she was taught. So, making a fist, knocking the ground in a complicated series of long and short taps, she said in Morse Code, The Snow Queen found me and I danced for her.STOP

             The boy must’ve also known Morse Code, but couldn’t absorb what she was saying. Tanya could tell by how…how confused he looked. He got two sticks, and tapped them together, saying Hold it. You don’t mean the Snow Queen that Mom kept on talking about recently?STOP 

Tanya tried to remember her mother, but again, nothing came to her head. The first memory she only had, was when she woke to the Snow Queen. She tapped, I can’t remember anything important, other than Morse Code.STOP

The boy looked flustered and scared, and  furiously tapped, Are you serious?STOP You’ve got to remember SOMETHING!STOP Do you KNOW WHO I AM?!!STOP

          Tanya wanted to cry. She wanted to feel anger, and sadness, and actually speak. She wanted to scream and sob and say she was sorry for forgetting him. But…she couldn’t. Instead, she tapped, Please!STOP I’m so goddamn sorry.STOP I was being controlled by the Snow Queen…

And she continued explaining to him, of what she had gone through. And as she did, she began to really feel emotion, which was sadness and irritation. At him and at herself. Finally, tears shed from her face and she sobbed. Tanya let that happen. She didn’t even want to wipe them away.

The teenage boy understood, and looked sorry for her. But he also looked…determined. he tapped, Hey, it’s alright.STOP Here.STOP Then, he dug his hand and took out an open bag of small white cylinders that said, MARSHMALLOWS! He took one out and hand-fed it to her. He got another, impaled it with one of the twigs he used for Morse Code, and hovered it over the fire. Tanya ate it slowly, hoping some memories come. Nothing. Yet.

He gave her the second one that he heated up, and had another for himself. The marshmallow was really, really…hot. Suddenly, the detached emotion popped out of her, and suddenly memories raced across her mind, like a super quick video, with a bajillion images coming at her all at once. A few lasted for a few seconds-her mother’s face as she laughed; her dad’s dancing a little jig for her; her classmates raising her hands, hoping to be chosen… The memories. All the good, the bad, and the ugly, came to her, and she remembered who she is. She is 13-year-old Tanya Briggons. The greatest dancer in her school, and the klutz at mathematics. A girl with a loving, and supportive family. With a gentle, wise mother, and her energetic, happy father, and Phineas, the hockey player and cellist…

Tanya, looked at the boy, whom she realized, was her brother, and croaked,” Phineas?” She was surprised, that she was able to speak now. Tanya silently thanked the magical heated up marshmallow, and her brother, for helping her regain her memories.

Phineas looked really happy, and was about to say something, when the Snow Queen stormed in, with her minion orchestra. She glared at her and Phineas so harshly, that she could have found themselves frozen solid.


That’s just it for now. I hoped you enjoyed it. Part 3, will be right around the corner.




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