The Dancer in the Snow-Part 3

The image of the Snow Queen from the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, is needed, since the Snow Queen in this story, tells her story. Her picture is in The picture of a long-past sunset’s at › Blog › Photography.


This is part 3. Enjoy.


The Snow Queen, put her hand on her hip, and a foot-long dagger formed in her hand. In a calm voice, with enough poison to bring down a whale, she said,” How nice of you two to meet each other again.” She walked closer to them and lifted her dagger to aim at Phineas. Tanya gasped and ran to get the Snow Queen, when two of the Queen’s minions held her back. She resisted and screamed,” Leave him alone!”

The dagger didn’t move away from Phineas, who was completely still with fear. The Snow Queen, smirked, and said, ” I bet you were quite upset, when Tanya forgot about you. Well, here’s the thing,” She lowered her dagger, and smacked his cheek hard with her hand. ” She’s never coming back!”

Tanya screamed and resisted more against the minions. How could the Snow Queen be so cruel? she thought. She went two steps closer to her brother, whose cheek stung red from the slap. Phineas glared back at the Queen, suddenly furious and said,” Who the hell are you? And what right did you have, to kidnap my little sister, and think you could just slap me, like you were expecting me to cry and apologize?” He balled his hands and inched closer, and added,” Because, I am not sorry for what I’ve done. You understand me?!”

The minions’ hold on Tanya loosened, and she burst towards him, and asked,” Phineas, are you okay?”

Phineas softened and said,” I’m fine, Tanya. Faced worse than that.” and continued glaring at the Queen, who stepped back a bit from him.

” In case you were so much of a hockey jock to not realize this, but your little sister, is now my property. And I did this out of vengeance, to your misbegotten parents.”   

Rage boiled up inside her, as Tanya growled,” Don’t you dare talk about our parents that way, and don’t try talking about me, like I’m some object at a 99 cents store!” She stepped forward and continued with,” I. Belong. To no one. But my family.

The Queen looked at her disdainfully at her and replied,” How eloquent are your words. I will enjoy making you regret speaking to me in such a disrespectful tone, along with your brother.” She, again, raised her dagger to Phineas.” For the two of you have the same temper, as your mother.” She said the last word, with so much disgust, that Tanya felt brave. Whatever her mother did to disgust the Queen, she wanted to hear all the details.

She continued with,” I used to date your father, you know. or did he not tell you this.”

The siblings were both astonished by the Snow Queen’s words. Tanya could never imagine her sanguine, full of life father, would actually date the cold, and cruel, Queen. Phineas, not getting this either, said,” You’re joking, are you?”

The Snow Queen, summoned a lot of snowflakes, and whirled around her hand so quickly they became this white sphere on her hand. An image came up, and it showed the Snow Queen walking down the woods with their father, though he looked a bit younger. He was saying something that was obviously really funny, since they were both laughing so hard that they fell to the ground, still laughing.

Phineas, who was looking at the image,-which was a loop, since it repeated over and over again-shook her head, and said,” I don’t believe this.”

” Your father,” the Snow Queen said wistfully,” He was a kind, gentle, happy-go-lucky guy. At that time, we seemed meant-to-be. In fact, I was already thinking about giving up my control of winter, to our little child we thought about having someday, despite gender. Everything was perfect, until your mother stumbled to our lives.” She bent her fingers to make them resemble claws, and the sphere on her hand exploded to a flurry of snowflakes that descended to the ground. Her voice became harsher and she said,” He started spending more time with that bitch than with me. I hoped, every time that they dated, that the lady would do something completely stupid in front of him, and then he would return to me, and I’d forgive him.” The Snow Queen was getting angrier, and she was circling them, and then continued her monologue of her lost love, and broken heart. ” One fateful day, the couple went up to me and announced that they were engaged, like it was the best thing that ever happened to them. Like they didn’t think I was going to be devastated at this.” The Snow Queen looked at the fire and snow shot out of her hand and it doused the fire completely, burying the pile of twigs under the thick snow. ” I was completely enraged, at the news, and glared at your mother, for she was the reason all this happened. So I struck her head, with my powers, to strike her unconscious. Of course your father caught her before her head hit the ground, and thought she was dead; he looked at me, with rage and yelled ‘ How could you! How could you!’ I told him that she deserved that, for taking him, right out from me.” She glared at them, like they had done that, and added,” He just shook his head and left, carrying her. Like your mother, was the very thing he loved, instead of me. Then he saved her insignificant life, with a potion one of my servants purposely gave to him, who was willing to betray me.” She softly laughed, and said,” I had him executed, the minute I found out. After that, I saw that your mother’s hair, which was once chocolate brown, was now so light blond, it was almost white. And it was a permanent thing. She couldn’t remove it, no matter what.” She smiled at the two, and said,” That made me feel a bit better, that I made a lasting impression on her.”

Tanya, who had listened to everything, then asked,” So, why aren’t you happy with just that?”

” Because,” she said,” I saw that your mother, instead of losing her sanity, began to live with her new hair, and moved on. So, now I will strike back, and make both of your parents so, so, sorry for what they’ve done to me.” She extended her hand towards her, and Phineas.” Join me, you two. Show them that I am back. And with you two on my side, we’ll be unstoppable.”

” Tempting,” Phineas said.

Tanya grew worried. If Phineas joined the Queen, then all would seem lost. She then inquired,” What would happen if one, or both of us, said no?”

” Then,” the Snow Queen said.” Your neighborhood, your home, the landscape you knew, will be nothing but an abandoned town, with a never ending blizzard. Not one person, would have survived.” She cackled and added,” Choose. Which will you destroy. The parents who tricked me, or your entire world?”

Tanya and Phineas were both speechless. Tanya knew that neither of them wanted to hurt their parents, but if they said no, then their entire city, will disappear. Finally, Phineas gave her a determined look, faced the Queen, and said.” Why not we have a wager. You challenge us to something, and we’ll do it. If we succeed, you will have no other choice, but to give up, and move on. If we lose, then we would join, your orchestra.” He looked at them and said,” Do we have a deal?”

Tanya could not believe what her older brother was thinking. He was putting their lives at a risk, when he already risked his, coming to save her, and take her home. I hope we succeed in this. she thought. Or, else. We are all dead.

The Queen hesitated for a few moments, then said,” Deal. I will think up of an obstacle you will have to do, and you will receive them, in a few minutes.” Then, she walked to her orchestra to have a private conversation.

Frightened, and irritated, Tanya marched up to Phineas, and snapped,” Are you kidding me? You are putting everything at a huge risk. You might as well bet a million dollars on something that might never happen!”

” I know what I’m doing, Tanya.” He said. ” I swear, we are both gonna get out of this. We are going, to get out of this.”

The Queen returned and asked,” Do you play the cello, Phineas?”

Phineas smiled and honestly answered,” You know all right I do. I jam in that instrument.” Which was true. He performed well, at every concert there was. And, like her, his taste of music is pretty versatile.

The Queen gave him a cello and a bow from one of the cellists, and continued with,” Then your challenge is that I will try to control both of you, and you two will try to break free from it, within 7 minutes.”

Phineas’s smile was still there, but Tanya knew that the smile looked forced now. ” Don’t worry. We can take it.”

” Break a leg.” said the Snow Queen, and she raised her hands, and the detached emotion that Tanya beaten out, was back.


That is part 3. Don’t worry. The story will end soon.




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