The Dancer in the Snow-Part 4

The dancer’s brother, who is an experienced cellist, use their fine performing, artistic talents to beat the Snow Queen. I put it there, from, because it is related to the topic, and looks good. The wintry picture above is from


Part 4 is on. Have a great time. This time, Tanya isn’t the one with the perspective.


The competition is preparing for the battle.

Phineas got the rosin out of his backpack, and started rubbing it against his bow, to prepare for a ten-minute. As he did, he began to feel anxious, as he did before his first performance. He was seven at the time, and Phineas recalled how he ran about and did jumping jacks in order to beat the fear out of him. His mom, rolling her eyes, gently said, Oh please, Phineas. Calm down. You’ve practiced this song multiple times. You’ll do fine.

His father gave him a silly look, and added, It’s okay to be scared before a concert. His father then looked at Tanya, who was two at the time, and continued with, Just pretend you’re playing in front of Tanya.

But Dad, Phineas had replied, not feeling any better. Tanya IGNORES me, and sometimes wanted me to stop. What will the crowd be like?

Tanya, even though she knew nothing about performing at the time, answered, Pway da hello! Pway da hello!

Even if he knew she meant, Play the cello! Play the cello!, how she said it was so hilarious, seven-year-old Phineas laughed so hard he fell to the wooden floor, and the anxiety was gone in mini-seconds.

He used to look back at that and be filled with reassurance. But now, he felt even more nervous, as scared as he was when he couldn’t find Tanya, and found her lying pale and cold on the snow.

Relax. he thought. Take a deep breath. In, out. In, out. He tried, but the anxiety grew instead of shrunk. Phineas went to Tanya, who was warming up, and asked,” Is everything going okay with you?”

” Yeah,” Tanya replied and looked at him, looking serious and relaxed,” And I hope that wager you brought up will be on our side.”

I hope so, too. he thought. But now, he thought of that wager as a big mistake. That maybe he should let the Snow Queen win and…

Then he realized that the Snow Queen was putting these feelings at him, then went to his place, where a chair and an electric cello had been left for him. He smiled that the Queen had them in perfect condition for him. At least she was being a bit fair. He sat down, saw that everyone was in place, and began to play.

Once the first few notes flowed from his cello, his head went totally MIA, and his body took over and played whatever song the Snow Queen wanted. Like he felt asleep while playing, and is still playing, yet he didn’t feel tired; he felt weightless. Phineas forgot about everything. Like before, it was just him and his cello.

Then the detached emotion took over, and he found himself playing with no ides what he’s playing, which didn’t feel right, well deep in his gut. Then, he purposely pressed the bow too hard against the cello string, which created a growling sound. Pain shot from his bow arm, which gave him some clarity to stop, and think of a plan, which happened in a matter of seconds.

He realized he was playing a sad song,” I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miz, that was about how a young lady sang about how her life had sucked for real, and thinks that everything good is gone. Not a big fan of depressing thoughts, he thought, All right, your Ice-Cold Majesty. You want some Les Miz? I’ll give you some. Then he played one of the classic’s songs he learned years ago to annoy the Snow Queen, which was ” Master of the House”, which is a happy song that poked fun at some bar owned by a couple pickpockets.

The funny thing, was that the Queen’s mind-controlled orchestra began playing that song as well, though they were a few measures late.

Tanya, who was doing ballet for the Queen, slowed a bit and she asked,” What are you doing?”

” Doing my own tune,” he said, while playing.” Dance your own way as well.” Tanya nodded, and began to dance a mixture of waltz and hip-hop which fit the song all right. Phineas saw that even though Tanya was smiling for him, her face was a mask of pain all over. He can tell that the pain came from going against the Snow Queen.

But he was feeling the consequences of going against the Snow Queen, as well. His back ached, like as if it quickly aged from fifteen to fifty, and his arms hurt like as if he was lifting heavy weights instead of playing. The familiar weight of the cello on him, began to crush him. His fingers developed blisters, like it was there first time playing, and some of them burst and bled on the neck of the cello. Drops of them fell on the snow, seemingly saying to him, Your time is soon.

Phineas began to be worried about blood loss. If he had lost consciousness while trying to break them both free from the Queen’s orchestra, then Tanya would be left alone. Which he didn’t want. Not this time. So, he kept on playing. And when the song ended, he played, ” Jingle Bells”; one of his favorite Christmas tunes. And just the right season as well. He sang along the lines, and the Snow Queen was furious when the orchestra played the tune as well. So furious, she made some violinists throw their bows off to the left, with a distressed flick from her left wrist. So in spite the pain he was feeling, Phineas was having the time of his life, and so was Tanya. He can almost feel the control from the Queen slightly lift up.

Suddenly, Tanya’s right leg, stomped on the ground-like it weighed a ton-and stayed there. Tanya lifted her black pants up a bit and they both gasped in shock.

Her leg had turned into porcelain.

Tanya, who turned frantic looked at the Snow Queen and yelled,” Was that necessary?”

The Snow Queen cackled and said,” I’m giving you a choice. Join me, and your leg will be back to normal, or be one of my thousand porcelain statues in the grand hall of my Ice Palace-FOREVER!!!”

” That’s not gonna happen!” Phineas said. He was NOT gonna have, his life and his sister’s, end as a couple of stupid porcelain statues in the grand hall of some lady who wants to refrigerate their parents and their neighborhood. Maybe he doesn’t have super powers, but he and Tanya and the rest of the neighborhood, have control of what happens there. Not the Snow Queen-ugh, more like the Snow Witch.

He realized that his arms were already rapidly turning into porcelain. His entire forearm on his bow arm, is completely porcelain, which meant he needed to play faster. Then he switched from ” Jingle Bells” to the first thing in his head, ” Poker Face” by Lady Gaga. Maybe, not the greatest song in the world, but he didn’t care. Phineas needed to stay alive for his family. He looked at Tanya, who was trying to move with her dead right leg, and said,” Keep on dancing, Tanya! Try to save yourself.”

Tanya then pried it out of the ground , and began to dance a bit stiffly, and still with talent. He was surprised that she was able to execute flawless movements, even if she’s dancing with a porcelain leg. He looked down and saw another problem.

As he was playing nonstop, cracks begin to form on his now-porcelain skin. He saw cracks form on his hands arms and wrists, and felt his face, and saw that cracks were forming on his porcelain face as well.

That’s when he started being really frantic. As he played random notes, no longer playing any song that he knew, he was thinking about his cracking skin. He looked and saw that Tanya had cracks on her skin as well. She was scared and shouted,” Phineas, what do we do? We’re breaking to pieces!”

The Snow Witch then smiled and wickedly and said,” I win, foolish children.”

Then, as he might’ve watched it in slow motion, a shard of porcelain fell from his cheek and shattered on the ground.

Almost nearly about to lose his mind, his fingers flung themselves up to where the broken shard, had been, expecting either blood, or hollow air inside. Tanya’s eyes were huge. She looked as if she was about to scream.

Surprisingly, he felt soft human skin beneath the porcelain. And a thin, golden glow seeped out of the cracks, giving him a peaceful feeling.

Phineas then told Tanya, in an astonished tone,” Good news, Tanya. We’re not breaking apart. We’re breaking out!” He smiled and yelled, ” WE”RE BREAKING OUT!!!”

Tanya whooped as the Snow Queen shrieked with anger, and the Queen bellowed,” How could this happen!? This never happened before.”

Tanya kept on dancing and the thin golden glow was shining all over her, until she resembled a fairy, that probably drank ten espressos, and seemed to be near to explosion; she flew and jumped about, as quick as a flashlight, and Phineas laughed. And then cried as well. Though he didn’t want to admit that.  Next, he realized that the pain was gone, which he took as a good sign.

The Snow Queen was freaking out, running back and forth, screaming, and pulling her hair. After that, her minion orchestra stopped playing, dropped their instruments, and started pulling their hair, screaming, and running back and forth as well. The sight was so hilarious, he and Tanya started laughing, and Phineas wished he had a camera, so that he can videotape it, and probably make it go viral.

Finally, the Snow Queen stopped, glared at them, and said in a cracked voice,” All right. You nitwits win.” All of the sudden, the Snow Queen’s mouth quivered and she burst to tears. She put her face in her hands, bent down to her knees, and sobbed, like she had lost someone she truly loved.

Phineas’s smile faded and saw how much misery she had. It seemed enough to make her crazy enough to want to destroy everything she hates. Had he been in her position, he’d probably break everything without stopping. He and Tanya, who seemed to understand what the Snow Queen felt as well, went up to her, and said,” Hey, look. Forget about Dad. If he’s with Mom, then forget about him.”

” But,” Tanya said,” You can always look back to those good memories of him, when you two were steady. Use that to get you back up, and hope for another guy, who probably will be greater than him.”

Phineas didn’t know, for him, who was greater than their father. But, he hoped that the Snow Queen would let go of her grudge and start living again. ” Let go of your grudge and forgive them. So that, you will be happy.” he added.

The Snow Queen nodded, her face beet red from crying-which he didn’t know could happen-looked at them and said,” Thanks. And I’m sorry for nearly killing you. And kidnapping Tanya.” She stood up, and smiled and said,” Heck, whaddya know. I relearned crying made me feel better.”

The siblings both nodded and Phineas said,” When you’re about to cry aloud, just do it. The pain will be easier to bear, then if you keep the tears in. I had to relearn that myself a few months ago.” he remembered when after he lost a hockey game, after ten victories in a row, and how kept the tears in for three days, until he couldn’t keep it in anymore. He cried like a two-year-old alone, in his bedroom. Then saw that he felt better afterward.

The Snow Queen thanked them and she and her orchestra turned into a swarm of snowflakes.


That’s part 4. The ending’s coming after that.




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