The Dancer in the Snow-Epilogue

The snowy image was there to give a nice ending. I hope this sight cools you off from a hot summer’s day.

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This is the ending. Phew!


After the Snow Queen and the orchestra went away, Tanya, looked at Phineas and said,” Let’s go home now.”

Phineas, knowing that something was missing,” About that. Tanya, where’s your backpack?”

Tanya then realized that her backack wasn’t with her, and grew frantic. Then she groaned,” Dang it. I must’ve left it-”

Then a voice called out, saying,” Tanya Briggons! How did you get down here so fast?”

They turned and saw Tanya’s teacher, Mrs.Paul, with the entire class behind her. She’s holding Tanya’s backpack, and an expression which is both shocked and annoyed. ” Well?” Mrs. Paul said. ” Tell me.”

Before Tanya had met the Snow Queen, Mrs. Paul used to intimidate her. Now, not so much, anymore. She’s like an awful pinch compared to the Snow Queen. So she confidently replied,” I got really excited over leaving that I left, and must’ve left my backpack on my chair.”

Rolling her eyes, Mrs. Paul threw the backpack at her , and Tanya caught it. ” Fine.” she said, ” And because there are the holidays, I’m gonna let you slide.” and then she left the schoolyard.

Her classmates, then spread out in the yard, along with other classmates. Then, the two left.

As they were walking down the street, Tanya, then asked,” What day is it?” She really had to ask. Besides, she had been in a series of losing conciousness, and dancing in front of the Snow Queen’s courtiers. It really might have been days, ever since the bell at her school rang so loud and so strong, that she passed out in her classroom.

Phineas checked her phone, and replied,” December 20, 2:27 pm.” he shook his head and said,” Weird.”

Tanya couldn’t believe it. She had been dancing for the Queen for countless times, and then had to dance against her for God knows how long. Yet, in reality, barely any time passed.

The two were mute for a few moments, walking down the street, and staring at the falling snow. Then Phineas broke the silence, saying,” Ya know what this reminds me of?”

” Narnia?” she asked. She felt like Lucy Pevensie, who walked into a Winter Wonderland a;; by herself, but was awed by the snowflakes.

Phineas nodded, and said,” Yeah, and not just because of the snow. It’s because like, we had an adventure together, and when we come back to our normal lives, it’s like nothing ever happened. And also because we had to deal with the Snow Queen.”

Tanya nodded, agreeing with the comparison, yet added,” Though the Snow Queen we met, wasn’t that evil. She just wasn’t herself.”

Phineas grinned a grin with so much mischief, that Tanya knew something’s bound to get crazy. He then said,” Hey Tanya. While we are still young and everything, why don’t we race each other home, and see who makes the best impression of each other while running.”

Tanya grinned sadistically back at him and answered with,” It’s. On.” And then they began running.

Phineas was ahead of her by a foot, and sang in a falsetto voice that did not sound like her. He sang,” Deck the halls with pounds of holly.”

She laughed and shouted,” Boughs of holly, not pounds of holly.” And then she lowered her voice until she was sure she sounded like him, and sang,” Fa la la la la, la, la. La. La.”

Now it was Phineas’s turn to laugh, and he yelled,” that’s me if I’m vomiting, Tanya.”

” Ewww!” she replied. And they continued to race and play with each other homeward, flying past the snowflakes, whistling their seasonal tune.


I hope you enjoyed the entire story. I know that the story was on winter-and published in the middle of summer. But I hoped you enjoyed it anyway.




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