To Save their Dying Planet…-Part 1

I don’t have anything against aliens. I’m serious. I just want to show you guys a story that happens to two-or three-twelve-year-olds, while they filming a video together in Central Park, in NYC.

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Training to be a cinematographer? Not bad. Have two best friends, that both strive to be an actors, despite the countless times one of them gets stage frights or forgets monologues? Sure thing. Filming in Central Park without parents around? Way cool. Those were the things curly red-haired, Celia Kent thought about with her best friends-strawberry blonde Annie Parkington, and brunet T.R, (aka Tyrone Russo). On the day, when one of the paradoxical things that could have been thought about by some random person.

A trio of awful triplets, followed by a bunch of dangerously insane guards in outer space, which where way beyond the barriers of their imaginations, had happened. Even worse-to Celia-they were totes anti-human.

Donned in her blue tank top, white non-denim mini-shorts, and grey Converse sneakers, Celia readied her film camera, in Central Park, that her dad had given to her months before;a gift she would take care of ever since. She fastened it on the tripod, which had wheels on the bottom, to avoid shaking of the camera, which makes the video not as great as it should be. T.R, in his blue jersey and basketball shorts, and crisp white sneakers, dribbled the basketball, fastidiously waiting for the camera to start shooting (I mean, start filming). Annie, with her perfect makeup, sequin scarlet T-shirt, purple ruffled skirt, white leggings, black sandals, and her hair in a perfect bun, sat next to the tree, daydreaming.

Finally, the camera was in place, and Celia couldn’t wait for the video to start happening. It will be about a basketball player, and his girlfriend who tour the entire Central Park, while looking for the player’s basketball, that had rolled into the river. if it turns out to be professionally good, (which Celia had always hoped), they will post it on Youtube, for all to see. That had been her dream, ever since she had seen a ton of videos made by professional cinematographers, got a hint on how they had done it by watching the behind the scenes, and realized her purpose.

Celia, then shouted,” Hey guys! I finally got the camera set!”

The two smiled, and sighed with relief. T.R ran towards her, and held the ball with one arm, and replied,” Finally.” he walked to the front of the camera and asked,” Okay, am I in the right position?” Annie stood beside Celia and whispered,” I hope we all got this whole thing thought through.” Then Annie sprinted to the far left of the scene, where the river is.

Celia, looking through the camera, gave him a thumbs-up, and thought This is gonna be good. ” And action.” And after that, she started the camera, and filming began.

T.R smiled and said,” Hello, dudes and dudettes. Watch me do some awesome moves today.” He dribbled his ball, and executed a bunch of cool moves, as he went down the hill that they were standing on, and Celia followed him down there, holding the camera.

He finds his girlfriend: dainty, dramatic, caring Lillian-the part Annie is playing-and greeted her with,” ‘Sup, babe. I’m doing basketball tricks. Want me to get a boat ride, so we can glide down Central Park,” and he gently held her well-manicured right hand,” together?”

” Oh,” she said, and put her left hand on her heart. Her contrasting hazel eyes, shone as she replied,” That’s so sweet of you, my love. No one in this artful world, ever asked me to be with them. Please do, dear Tyrone.”

Celia resisted the urge, to wave her arms, and say,”  Cut!” and end the filming. She wanted to talk to Annie, and ask if she probably overdid the whole, “dainty, dramatic” thing.  The last thing she wanted, was her entire middle school laughing at her, and her friends; all because of a stupid video.

Then, something happened that made her stop concentrating.

Out of the blue, a few yards to the right, away from the camera, were three girls, who looked exactly alike, in looks and outfit. They both had dark-haired ponytails, olive skin, slim figures, paper white, hoodless workout jackets, white pants, and white sneakers. They walked at the exactly same stride, each of them a foot apart. Celia wondered, What are these three girls doing? then changed that to, Or gonna do? Besides, it was August 9, 2015-and it’s really hot outdoors. No way, was Celia gonna walk out in the same outfit as the triplets were wearing-despite their outfits being white-so white, it hurts to look at it.

But they have one or two traits that were different from each other. The girl in the right had cobalt blue eyes, and naturally long lashes; the one in the middle had red eyes, with thick eyebrows; the one in the right, had just a pair of stormy grey eyes.

Celia was so distracted by the girls’ excessive resemblance, and strange eye colors, that she barely felt T.R put his hand on her shoulder, until he shook it hard, bringing her head come back to earth. She looked at T.R’s and Annie’s confused looks, and T.R asked,” Celia, what are you looking at?”

” Those girls that look alike.” Celia said. ” They were wearing workout jackets, even if it’s in the middle of summer.”

Annie raised her eyebrows and replied,” Whoa. Did you say that they were wearing workout jackets in summer?” She asked that question like as if Celia spoke in another language.

Celia nodded, pretty sure that was what she saw. She was sure she had clear 20-20 vision. If not, then the heat must have affected her vision. But she was sure that she wasn’t in a desert.

Annie shook her head, and said,” No way. It is so hot in here. Who would were workout jackets in this heat?” She looked around and then asked,” Hey, uh, Celia, where did T.R go?”

“What?” Celia asked, as she looked around, and didn’t see him anywhere. Frantic, she and Annie ran around screaming,” T.R? T.R! Where are you?” After searching the entire hill for him, and failing to see him, the girls began to return from where they started, both abreast and crying from not being able to find him. It didn’t help that people around them were looking at them weirdly, like, Why are these girls crying in this happy place? 

Celia hated feeling lost and scared, which she really is. T.R was the only one in the trio, who really is from New York. Ask him the directions for a specific place, he’ll give it to you the way an electric tracker would. And they were always accurate. However, Celia was from Connecticut, and Annie’s from California. The trio only met three years ago.

When they were came back, all upset, and nearing a tree, (which is a few yards from where they were before the search) Celia gasped and found the triplets, who were standing on top of the now black-eyed, weeping, bruised, T.R, who was getting crazy for not being able to move much.

One of the triplets, the blue-eyed one, whose shoe on his back, pinned him to the ground, barked a question, asking,” I demand you give me an honest answer. Where is Celia Kent?”

” Why do you need to see her this bad?” he sobbed.

” Because, we need her to do something, and you’re not involved in it!” shouted the second, the red eyed, who was harshly pulling his hair.

The third, grey-eyed one, towered before him, purred,” It is for your own good, if you can tell us where Celia Kent is?”

Annie, who couldn’t bear to see T.R get tortured anymore, walked towards them and yelled,” HEY! GIRLS IN WEIRD WORKOUT OUTFITS!”

The triplets simultaneously whipped their heads towards her, the way people sometimes do in movies. They glared, and the blue-eyed girl who pinned T.R to the ground, said,” Are YOU  Celia Kent?”

” No,” she replied, ” But nobody dares to trample and torture my BFFs, unless I give YOU PERMISSION! WHICH I DIDN’T!”

” Your permission to mess with your comrades is not our main concern.”the grey-eyed girl said, ” Our main concern  is to finding Celia Kent.”

The red-eyed girl turned her attention from Annie to Celia, she glared at her, and vanished to thin air. Before Celia and Annie can wonder where the second one went, Celia felt someone lunge at her from behind, and bound her wrists with something hard, while she collapsed on her knees. She looked back, and saw it’s the second girl, and screeched,” Hey! Let me go! What are you doing this for?”

” For matters only you should know.” Blue Eyes flatly replied, as she lifted her shoe off of T.R’s back. Immediately, he sprinted towards Celia, and knocked Red Eyes off, and whispered,” I’m gonna get you out of this place.”

Celia felt his hands try to free her  but, it was no use. Finally, looking flustered, T.R gave up, and said,” It’s really hard to break these cuffs. Like there is something needed to do to open these things.”

Grey Eyes glared at the human trio. ” They will never be opened by you. So, hand over Celia Kent to us, and you and your friend,” and she motioned her head to Annie, and added,” will go free on your human lives.”

” Our human lives?” Annie said, like she just heard the stupidest thing in her life (Which it is), and continued with,” Excuse me, clone girl. But we humans don’t just ‘hand over’ others, unless they trust the recipient. The problem is that, we don’t trust you.”

” Your problem isn’t whether you trust us or not.” Blue Eyes said, in a you’re lying tone. “It’s whether you want us to have Celia Kent with us. But sadly, you don’t. Yet your opinion is not our concern.” the first girl, then gave a pleading look and then said,” Please. She is needed in order to save your planet…and ours.”

Wait, what. Celia thought. Did you say “another planet”? 

T.R, as confused as she felt, asked,” Wait, are you aliens?”

Blue Eyes gave him a look so sharp, it would have impaled his face.” We do not go by that word, for that is an insult. More of the words ‘extra-terrestrial being’. E.T, for short. You better not say that again, or you will be…exterminated.” She said the last word, like she doesn’t know what other word to describe punishment.”

T.R looked at them sternly and said,” Hold on. Are you threatening us? Because I don’t feel like running away yet.”

Celia was still bewildered on what was going on, but if she was needed to somehow, save their planets (hers, and the girls’), she needed to know why, and what was going on there. So she asked,” What’s going on at your planet?”

Red Eyes grew irritated, and said,” Our planet, named Pallamignon, is dying.”  and at the left of them, an image came up. It showed a night full of colorful galaxies, and countless stars, and a field full of plants and grass. Then something dark, like a shadow, made all the plants turn brown, and wither. The clear night faded to a blanket of dark gray clouds.

Red Eyes, now looking very distressed.”A hazardous substance,” she said.” which we call, in Latin, one of your scientific languages, the Terra Morte. Terra, for ‘earth’, and ‘morte’ for death.” Then she turned away from the wasteland image, to their blank faces, and continued with,” Anyway, this substance is killing everything it touches, and a hundred die in our per day. Half of our civilization thinks we should invade earth, since it is clean, and seems to have everything prepared for them.” and she said the last sentence in a bitter tone. “Most of them, are, in your words, ‘aristocrats’, and ‘soldiers’.”

Blue Eyes gave her a look that said, Enough said. My turn. Then included,” But others, involving our parents, resisted, thinking that we should solve the problems on our planet, thinking that we might spread the Terra Morte to other species and to Earth, making the journey to here, pointless. They also thought that there might be a way to heal our planet-”

” And we’ve found it.” called out Grey Eyes, as she held out petri dish, with some yellow stuff inside, that Celia’s sure is bacteria. Then she put it back, and said,” But in order to convince everyone, that what we have will heal Pallamignon, we need to bring a human of Earth, to come along with our evidence.” Then the three looked at Celia seriously and the third girl, added,” Which is why we need you, Celia Kent.”

Celia, who listened to the entire thing, yet still didn’t get the point, asked,” Wait. Before you send me to your planet, tell me what I should do there?”


Oh, well that’s part 1. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging for long.




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