To Save their Dying Planet…-Part 2

As you’ve known from Part 1, Celia Kent, a twelve-year-old girl training herself to be a cinematographer, is chosen by extraterrestrial triplets to help save their planet from completely annihilation from a deadly chemical. The image above was there, to symbolize trust.

Where you find the picture (if interested) 


Red Eyes was hesitant on that question and replied,” You must be the one to carry the evidence because…it has been reported there, that your human skin, unlike the skin we have, will protect it from the Terra Morte. You are the person we need to preserve our planet. Smart. A person interested in science, a training person in making pieces of moving images-”

” Movies.” Celia said, correcting her.

Nodding,  Red Eyes took one moment to take in a huge breath of air, and added,” And, your curly red hair. The aristocrats are crazy about the people who have them. Thinking that they are the wisest of all. It will be most likely that they will believe you.

Grey-Eyes shook her head briskly, and included to Celia,” But even then, you must need protection, and not just from the Terra Morte.” She looked at Blue Eyes, and nodded at her to continue.

Blue Eyes got the cue, and said,” The people who want to invade your Earth, know about us taking an Earthling-you-to our planet, and they will be waiting there, to murder you immediately, or to give you the worst punishment, usually set for traitors.” She cringed a bit, and continued with,” But we will protect you. No matter what.”

Celia was speechless. Sure she understood. But Celia wasn’t sure why she, of all of the seven billion people at least in this planet, was chosen to save an entire planet. She looked at T.R and Annie, who were surprisingly quiet the whole time. They would usually ask, at every few seconds of the conversation, Annie mostly. T.R nodded,” You should go,” he said. To Celia.

Annie looked at him, with crazed fear, and shouted,” Are you crazy? In case you didn’t listen, there is some deadly chemical, that is raging in their ‘planet’, and those triplets, who want to save it, are the same people who beat you up.”

” Look, they may have done it, because they are so desperate to save their planet, that they’re half-crazed with fear, enough to beat up someone during interrogation. If that was me, I’d be likely to do the same thing.” T.R looked stubborn, and said,” If they need help, why don’t we just give that to them. Annie, you’re always wanting to give help to others.”

Annie, who looked ready to strangle him, shrieked,” Oh yeah, so we just give her to them?! Like a piece of cake? Celia might die out there! Have you ever thought about the dangers she would face?” she took a deep breath and exhaled with,” We barely know them, and they shouldn’t be trusted, since they’ve already hurt you, and handcuffed Celia. What makes you think we should just let Celia go with those girls, thinking she’ll be back in one piece?”

” I-I think-” T.R stammered.

Impatiently, Annie interrupted, saying,” That’s right. We don’t know! Therefore, we shouldn’t trust those triplets, like at all.

Celia then shut her eyes and shouted,” Stop it, guys! Stop talking like I’m not here.”

She opened her eyes and saw that five pairs of eyes were aimed at her, and then, Celia sighed and added,” Annie, you have a point. We do barely know them, and we don’t know what will really be out there, and the outcomes that will come, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t kidding when they said that they was a planet to save. And that image…Annie, how many girls can make in image of something come out of thin air?”

” None, but how are we sure that anything won’t happen to you?” asked Annie.

Blue Eyes spoke up, saying,” We have these reporting devices, and we’ll give them to you.” Her hand went into her pocket of  her workout jacket, and she got a cell phone-the ones people have before smartphones arrived. The ones where you flip open the phone, and there are buttons to press on the bottom part of the phone. She held it up, the way a person would hold a card towards someone. And just like that, she revealed that she had six of them, instead of one. Each was given to the six, until everyone had one.

Grey Eyes, continued with,” While we are on our planet, we will call you, Annie and T.R, from time to time, to let you know what is going on.” She stared at Annie and asked,” Now do you trust us?”

Annie, then sighed, and said,” Fine, I trust you.”

Celia smiled. Now they were gonna save a planet, but first things first, she knew that among the midst of everything, she forgot to ask them one thing: their names. She then asked,” Okay, now that we’re going, I need to ask: what are your names?”

Blue Eyes grinned and answered,” I’m Polona, after Polonium.” She looked at Red Eyes, and said,” She’s Arsena, from the element Arsenic, and..” she looked at Grey Eyes, and added,” And she’s Urania, from Uranium.”

T.R looked shocked, and asked,” You three are named after the elements of the Periodic Table?”

” All are destructive, in one way or another.” said Arsena. She put her hand on Celia’s handcuffs, murmured something, and they opened up. Celia lifted her now free hands, and noticed the red marks that were left on her wrists. They are never coming out of my wrists. she thought.

Polona got out a tablet, and let the sun reflect on the screen. The resulting ray of light was really straight up, and it was on top of the triplets and Celia. ” Put your hand on this,” she said, and the three put their hands on it. Celia felt her whole entire body vibrate. Her feet immediately fell asleep, and the feeling of a thousand pins were stabbed all over her feet, irritated her.

Urania looked at Celia and asked,” Are you ready?”

Celia nodded, looked up, and the four shot towards the sky.

Away from Central Park…away from New York…away from Earth.

Towards the dying planet, Pallamignon.


That’s all for now. Hope you liked it. Give your questions, comments, and concerns to me, please.




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