To Save their Dying Planet…-Part 3

This represents what Terra Morte had reduced Pallamignon into. From bustling cities to grey wasteland. Though the sky was a light grey blanket of clouds.

Where it came from:


They landed in a fancy bedroom.

Celia Kent opened her eyes after a while of feeling nothing, then like human roadkill. She was relieved that she lived through this experience. Then she looked around the bedroom, and took in what she saw.

She saw three beds, which had the same form, and the same white mattress, but the pillows and blankets were different. The one in the right, which is near the big glass windows with white curtains, had a bright red blanket, and yellow pillows. The one in the middle is with a silver silk blanket, with black pillows; the left one-bright blue blanket, and green pillows.  Behind her, two huge doors, each the size of a French door, were made of glass with a steel frame around the glass. Clothes were neatly hung in three rows, and Celia saw the same white workout outfits, on the very front of the clothes. The walls are a night sky full of tiny brilliant stars, with a faint sky-blue haze behind them, like it was there to remind them of what they used to see. A black door, at the very left of the room, resembled a rectangular black hole in a wall full of stars.

She saw Urania leave and throw herself in the  bed, smiled, and heard her said,” So good to be home.”

Polona quickly spread her arms out, which opened their closet, and took one of the workout outfits, and gave it to Celia. Then said,” Urania, now’s not the time to take a nap. We’ve got the fate of Pallamignon, and Earth in our hands.”

” But I’m so tired.” Urania said.” We’ve slept for only five hours, then you woke us up to get us ready to get to Earth.” Celia noticed, for the first time, that there were bags under their eyes.

Polona sighed, and replied,” I know I pushed you both like you both are machines. But as every minute passes, the closer our parents get-”

” To being executed.” Urania said in a cracked voice. Tears streamed down, and she screamed,” I know! I know! But how can we think straight, if our brains feel like they’ve been left on our table to rot for hours?!”

Polona groaned and said in a frustrated tone,” I don’t know, okay?! But stick to the plan-I’m sure it will work.”

Arsena inhaled, and shouted,” Stop it, you two.” She turned to Polona and said,” Calm down. I’m scared for our parents, Pallamignon, and whether your plan will work. But don’t let that fear possess you. You’re not alone in this mess.” To weeping Urania, she said,” Look. Polona is worried sick. Along of what we have to do…”

As she talked to her, Celia, while putting on the pants, turned to Polona, who seemed to be in shock. When she was done, she asked,” Are you okay?”

Polona slowly nodded and gulped. Celia can see how much responsibility was weighing her down, and how Polona was trying hard not to cry. The whole thing seemed terrifying: Make a good plan; get someone to help; then risk speaking out against the aristocrats, and proving that there is a way to heal the entire planet from annihilation. All within an amount of short time left before they invade Earth. Before their parents get executed. She took a deep breath, and said,” Hey, it will work out. Try to stay positive.”

She saw Polona nod and ask,” Are you ready to help us on this?”

” Yeah,” she replied.

Polona went to the closet and got something dark green out, and said,” Then, we all have to be wearing this.” She threw the dark green stuff to her, and Celia nearly jumped out of skin.

She held a mask, that depicted the stereotypical alien head. The signature giant head, the big black eyes, etc. And a pair of gloves that had the too-long fingers. Still, she put them on, and was stunned that she could still see everything clearly through the big black eyes of the mask. Like it was adjusting to her head. The gloves, she discovered, had a tiny suction cup in each of the finger of the glove. Once her fingers were put to place, the gloves’ size also adjusted to her hands, and she was able to move them, like her gloved hands were really her hands.

Celia looked up at the triplets, and saw that they too, had their masks and gloves, on. Then she heard Arsena say,” All right. Let’s get not killed.” And they walked towards the black door, and went out through the long hallway, lit by the other side, and by the tiny lights that resembled stars that were glowing on the walls around them. Celia can see a few constellations here and there. Soon enough, they left the hallway…into a series of gigantic crumbling tombstones.

Almost feeling like she was gonna gag any moment, she saw rotten buildings, and stormy gray clouds rumbling above. The scentless air nearly made her pass out, and her head screamed in pain, and she found it difficult to breathe. She nearly fell to her knees, when one of triplets caught her, and held her up.

She faintly heard Urania squeak,” The Terra Morte! It’s killing her! Go! Get the helmet and pack!”

She groggily wondered what the hell were they talking about. But then she stopped caring. Celia was gonna black out, when something light was put on her around her head and fit snugly on her collarbones. Something a bit heavy came on her shoulders, and good air came in, causing her to take in huge, quick breaths. Celia also began coughing and gagging, which got her more awake. Then her sight, which had been really blurry because of the Terra Morte, sharpened, and she, ending her coughs and gags, saw that one of the triplets was staring at her, looking anxious. She then knew it was Arsena, because she asked,” Are you okay? You ready to stand up now?”

Celia shrugged. She doesn’t know whether she can do anything but breathe. She moved her arms and legs. They felt weird, but otherwise, okay. She was put down, and was able to stand, with the triplets. Her first step was awkward, and she nearly collapsed. Frustrated, she asked,” Just why am I walking like this?”

” The Terra Morte damages muscle cells, which paralyzes limbs.” Polona said. ” Now that the air you breath, oxygen is back in you, it will destroy the poison, and in half an hour, they’ll be back to normal.”

Celia didn’t get it, so she asked,” So, oxygen will get rid of all of the Terra Morte?”

One of the triplets nodded, and answered,” But, how we will make oxygen, and huge amounts of it, depends on the sample of bacteria we’ve got from Earth. it is the last ingredient needed to make a machine needed to save Pallamignon.”

A machine? Celia thought. They never talked about a machine before. Confused, she asked,” What machine? What are you talking about?”

Arsena said,” Our parents were making a machine, one the size of baseball, that will use the Terra Morte to travel long distance, and release oxygen, the same way a motorcycle lets out carbon dioxide.”

Celia was stunned by her knowledge of Earth. She is a complete stranger of Pallamignon, yet Arsena knew so much of Earth, and Pallamignon.

Then Urania said,” Oh, don’t you worry. Arsena has always been the one with facts, as much as Polona’s the one with the leader stuff.”

” Then what are you? The enthusiastic one?” Celia asked.

” I don’t know.” Urania replied. ” I’m still trying to find myself.”

They came to a street, with an empty road, and a bunch of short white-brick buildings-the kind of buildings she saw when she watched the movie The Giver. They are on the left side of the road, on the concrete street, and so are they on the right side. All of them are the same buildings, over and over. Not a fan of sameness, all of this made Celia want to get sick.

Polona sighed and said,” Welcome  to Center A. Pretty desolate, isn’t it?”

” Enough to make me sick.” Celia answered. And to lighten things up, she asked,” So where’s Center B? Two miles up north?”

” You’re a terrible joker.” Arsena said. ” Center B, was where we were before we started walking towards here.”

” Oh,” Celia said. Then she asked,” How come they aren’t destroyed by the Terra Morte?”

” They will soon.” Polona said.

” Oh, the image that you saw on Earth?” Arsena began. ” It was a quickened version of it. It moves slowly, like a snail.” she hesitated and said,” But it still does damage.”

Polona held her arm in front of them and said,” Hold.”

Few yards away, a dark building that resembled Washington D.C’s Capitol, loomed before them like a haunted house. In front of them, cars of people-without any masks and gloves-slowly drove up towards the driveway. There is a man inside the box in the right of the driveway who asked one of the people in one of the cars,” Your looks, please.”

” Looks?” Celia quietly repeated, confused. Sounded like something someone would ask in Halloween. She looked at the triplets and whispered,” What does that mean?”

” Name.” Arsena replied.

A well-dressed brunet in a fine royal-blue tux had answered,” Oxon Diora,” and he gestured towards to a pretty blond lady in an ocean blue blazer,” and this is my lady, Lithia S. Diora.”

She smiled coldly and sharply said,” We’ve come to see the case of a young woman who claims her name is Ruby, and that ranting, insane man, Gallius Rhodes.” The lady said that as if they were gonna conclude those people she would see as mental issues. She rolled her eyes in pure disgust, and added,” As if those dirtbags imaged wholly as brilliant.”

Oxon, who was obviously stunned and charmed by his lady’s cold words and soothingly answered,” Air down, gem.” He raised a eyebrow the way celebrities do for a picture and continued with,” We’ll show those dirtbags the cancer they promised.” Then they drove away.

Celia was scared of their obvious cruelty towards the prisoners. She looked at the triplets who were taking off their masks and gloves. Polona then said,” The air’s safe. Take the disguise off.” Her expression was furious, and she held a long metal stick. Like she was planning to destroy something with that. Luckily, Celia knew she was angry at the rude couple. She didn’t need them to translate the gist for her. From Lithia, it was Oh, those people were so stupid to think they were so brilliant. From Oxon, it was, Relax, honey. We will ostracize them later. 

She easily took off her helmet, and found herself breathing easily in the air. She then took off her mask and gloves, which felt weird, since she grew so used to them, they felt really like her own skin.

Urania was trying hard not to cry, gritting her teeth, and whispering,” How could they…they are the dirtbags…why can’t they see…”

” Because they’re too proud. They think our parents are stupid.” said Arsena, while looking at steaming Polona. She was the only one who kept her cool, even though she knew her parents were insulted right in front of her.

Polona took a deep breath, exhaled, and said,” I found out that we need your friends, Celia.” She got out her talking device-which Celia had forgotten about-and flipped it open. She whispered,” Tyrone Russo, and Annie Parkington.”

A few seconds later, a holographic image of T.R and Annie appeared instantly. They were looking completely worried, and when they saw Celia, their anxiousness dissolved. T.R then asked,” Hey, uh, Polona, and Celia? How’s Pallamignon? Like North Korea?”


Hope you enjoyed it. Don’t worry, another part will come soon, as always.




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