To Save their Dying Planet…-Part 4

The Toyota Prius is used in this story, and given to the last person you’d be thinking of. Good luck with absorbing who.

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When T.R asked that question, of how Pallamignon was like, Celia Kent looked around and said,” I guess it’s like Jonas’s community in The Giver with a haunted feeling and a haunted version of the Capitol building smack at the front of it.”

” At least,” Arsena said. ” That’s what it’s like here at Center A.”

” Is Celia safe?” Annie asked. Then her expression became a little angry as she added,” Her parents are already calling and asking,’ Hello, where is Celia?’ I had to lie, saying ‘ Oh, we’re just still filming.’, but I don’t think they’re buying it. And I’m already imagining them having heart attacks when I have to tell them that she’s in freaking outer space.”

” Don’t worry,” Urania said, putting up a smile. ” She’s safe and sound. But we called you because Polona decided that we needed you both.”

Both of them looked confused. T.R then asked,” Need us for what? Bait?”

Polona shook her head, and replied,” We need you to hide us from the aristocrats. Right now, I’m sending you the clothing needed to blend in.” She opened Celia’s pack and got out two blazers-one bright red, and the second’s black with string-thin white stripes-and black dress pants. All three are neatly folded.

T.R looked at them and asked,” Where are we going?” ” To a court case.” Arsena said. ” full of aristocrats who will, or who might decide the fate of Pallamignon.”

” Wow,” said stunned Annie, her eyebrows raised, and eyes wide. ” I did not see this coming.” Then she looked angry and she asked,” Why didn’t you tell us this earlier.”

Polona remained calm and said,” Because I thought we just needed Celia with us, but it turns out you two are important as well.”

” Mm-hm.” Annie said. ” That’s just terrible planning ahead that you did, Polona. Terrible planning.”

” But we are gonna do it.” T.R said. Arsena looked at Polona and gave the clothes to her. Polona’s blue eyes glowed very brightly, then she threw the clothes to the holographic image…and the clothes went into it, and T.R caught it.

Annie nodded at the clothes and said,” Fine.” Then she put on the red blazer while T.R put on the black one, and with the dress pants he went away from sight.

Looking up, Annie said,” You know you can put it over your jersey shorts.”

” I know that!” his voice shouted. ” I just need privacy.” Celia heard some laughing in the distance, and she hoped that T.R didn’t do something stupid. Then he came down, with the blazer and dress pants on, looking like a business man.

Arsena then said,” All right. Now put the recording device on the ground and jump on it.”

T.R looked confused and asked,” Really? How are you  sure it won’t break?”

Urania rolled her eyes and replied,” Just do it.”

” Alright,” Annie said, and put it on the ground. Then the image showed them towering above something, and the soles of T.R’s sneakers come crashing towards them. Suddenly, Annie and T.R popped out, in screaming color…to Pallamignon.

Annie, who crashed into the ground, stood up and dusted herself. Celia, ran up to her and asked,” You okay?”

” Yeah, great.” Annie answered. Then she looked around and asked,” Where did T.R go?”

Before Celia could scream, T.R arrived, driving a cream-white Toyota, with a ridiculous smile on his face. Then she asked,” Where did you get that!?” He laughed,” I was just walking around this patch of nowhere, when some guy showed up with this baby and said,’ Hey boy, wanna borrow my car?’. I said,’ You serious, man. Boy, I’m twelve and you’re trusting me with a Toyota?…AWESOME!!!’ Then I got the car keys and driving this thing…is so easy.” Then he honked the horn twice to emphasize how happy he was.

Polona looked at this as if that was normal, and said,” When boys here are twelve, they are trusted with anything, even cars. Being twelve to nineteen is called the ‘Trying Stage’.” She looked at the sisters and said,” This is where it gets funny.”

” What do you mean?” Celia asked.

Arsena said,” You, Polona, and Urania and I are gonna hide in the trunk of the car.” She pointed to the back of the car, and opened the trunk.” It’s big enough to hold all four of us.” She looked at Annie and T.R, and continued with,” You two, will be at the front row seats, and T.R will be driving. Annie, you’ll be at the shotgun seat, and pretend you’re his girlfriend.”

Annie nodded and said,” Roger that. But do we need to change our names?”

” Yes.” said Polona. Then she asked T.R,” On Earth, what name would you want to go by?”

” Oh, simple.” T.R replied. ” Selvis Rover,”

Polona smiled,” That’ll do.”

Annie, then said,” Mind if I go by Lillian Dain?”

Arsena shook her head and said,” The people in here have their first names named after one of the your Periodic Table of Elements. The last name can be anything, as long as the first name is after an element. If you go by your human first name, they’ll think you’re…” she trailed off, but Celia knew what she meant.


A little crestfallen, but a bit hopeful, Annie suggested,” Okay…so Neanne would do? After Neon?”

” What a coincidence!” Urania chirped. ” I have a classmate named Neanne. And she’s such a gossiper. Like nothing is held back, or unknown, or the truth.”

Annie looked a bit nervous and angry at herself. Celia can tell what her face said, and it was, Oh, dammit. I named myself after a hopeless gossiper. But that lasted for a few seconds, and Annie said,” Shotgun,” to T.R, who nodded, and got her a shotgun seat. Polona prepared them for the answers to give to the man in a box, near the driveway.

Seeing that the plan is coming to place, Celia, and the triplets went into the trunk, and wished them all good luck.

When they approached the boxed-in man in the right of the driveway, the man asked,” Your looks?”

T.R was prepared for this, and he answered,” Selvis Rover,” he looked at Annie and put his arm casually around her shoulders and added,” This is my lady, Neanne P. Rover.”

Celia could not help laughing silently. It sounded so hilarious, that she had to crush her face against a pillow she found in the trunk of the car. The triplets were slightly amused, but looked at her like, What’s so funny? 

The man’s voice, then asked,” Who do you wish to see?”

Quoting The Lego Movie film, Annie said,” I came here, to see…your butt!”

Polona rolled her eyes and murmured,” We’re gonna die because of her stupidity.”

” Thank you, Miss Sunshine.” Celia murmured back. Though she feared that Polona might be right.

Turns out, the man was really stupid, for he replied,” There is no ‘Your Butt’ in this building…or anywhere for that matter.”

T.R, who looked a bit impatient, said,” Well that’s sad, for we wanted to get inside immediately,” and got out a steel American football, with a blue button on top.

The man, then said in an excited tone,” Oh, man! Is that steel? Give it to me!”

T.R gave it to him, and Annie asked,” So, may we go into the building?”

The man, Celia saw, suddenly looked confused at them both, and he asked,” You’re speaking another dialect…American dialect…” he then looked suspicious and asked,” Are you…one of the insurgents? Or are you harboring them?” The last sentence was said darkly, like he was planning to hurt them, if they are any of the options.

” Whoa, sir.” Annie said, and Celia can tell, that she was nervous. ” We were just here to witness a court case. What’s wrong with that.”

” I’m sorry,” said the man, though he didn’t sound sorry.” But I have to initiate my robots to scan the entire vehicle.”

” Oh…s**t” Arsena whispered quietly. ” Play dead.”

They complied, held their breaths, and lay still in the trunk.

Lucky for Celia, she had this uncanny ability to hold her breath for two minutes-an ability she discovered when she was three. Her mother, a swim teacher, told her and other students to take a deep breath, dive in the water, and come up when you’re feeling uncomfortable. They did, and dove into the water. Celia remembered how most of them closed her eyes before diving in the pool, but she didn’t. She wanted to see everything. A minute passed, and all of them had already went up to the surface. She didn’t feel anything yet. She didn’t even feel her lungs cry for air until another minute passed. Then she went up herself, to see the entire class gaping at her, her mother holding her cell phone in one hand, and her stopwatch in another…which said “2:00”

Two minutes. 

She noticed the thin wall of laser flow across the car. Then it disappeared.

Her blood froze when a robotic voice said,” There are three humans, in the vehicle, with Polona, Arsena, and Urania. The wanted Rhodes triplets.

We are so dead. For real. Celia thought.


1566 words in one. That’s all for now.




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