To Save their Dying Planet…-Part 5

The jail cell was there to represent where they go, and where they have hope…and a second chance.

The picture’s in:


The trunk flew open immediately, and a pair of metal hands grabbed Celia roughly, and flung her out of the car. The same was done to Polona, Arsena, and Urania. Annie and T.R came out of the car, hands up in surrender, as security robots drew the bead to them. Guns were also inches away from her and the triplets.

A formally-dressed man came close to them, and Celia recognized them as Oxon Diora. He had an amused expression, as if he was seeing a bunch of little kids ridiculously crying during playtime.

” Tsk, tsk, tsk.” he said in a clipped British accent, as he snapped his fingers and all the robots deactivated.” Did you really think you can go against the bureaucracy, Polona Rhodes?”

Apparently brimming with rage, Polona stood up and snapped,” Invading Earth will do nothing to solve the problem of the Terra Morte. You’ll only spread it to innocent beings on the planet.”

Oxon faked surprise, and with his voice dipped with sarcasm, he said,” Oooh, scary. And you, along with your parents, believe, that in this wasteland, you can find a cure.”

” People who are ill, are quarantined-” Urania

” And people who are well, go somewhere else to be safe!” Oxon finished. ” My point on this, little girl, is that if we move into another planet, our people will be salvaged from destruction, and history will know me as a leader, who always knew what he’s doing!”

Celia glared at him tightly, knowing she needed to stick up to them, sat up, and said,” Well, I think you are quite cowardly, because you are running away from a problem, which only temporarily gives you peace. That problem will follow you, wherever you go.”

” She’s right.” gasped Arsena, whose planted on the ground by a metal robot, who didn’t have the nerve to get off her when it deactivated. ” What we are doing is trying to solve the problem, not try to make you look dumb. Earthlings, nowadays, when they see an illness, they raise funds and other stuff to help the people who are trying to find a cure. That’s not stupidity. That’s being brave enough to battle a problem they’re facing. ‘Time we follow their example.”

” Oh, Arsena.” Oxon said, with fake compassion.” Don’t you know anything?” he sofly chuckled humorlessly and added,” Those Earthlings have leaders, who are quite, amateur. Especially those so-called great republics, who replace their leaders every few years. Like a couple of kids taking turns on playing a game. Yeah, that’s what they think leading a country is. A game.” He stopped to drink a glass of water someone gave to him.” And even worse, is that their leaders in those republics, are sometimes commoners, with no family excellence to inherit, no proper position. And their idiotic people can agree to make them lead a country. Quite unwise.” He bent down, and completed his point with,” The rich are ones fairly educated, the ones with power and should be the leaders. Not those best-dressed commoners whose ass came from the streets.” 

Celia rolled her eyes and said,” I come from a School of Leadership, and my dad often told me that wealth does not have anything to do with how smart you are. He thinks the rich can be snobs, as much as they can be good.” She also gave him a look that said, You better follow me, mister. Or you’re dead. Her father also taught her that look, saying,” If you want to be strong, be assertive and give that person that look, letting him or her know that if they mess with you, they better watch out.”

She highly expected Oxon to be nervous, but he only remained looking ridiculously calm, like Oh Celia Kent. You’ll never win in this. Not now, not ever. 

After what seemed forever, Oxon stood up, reactivated the robots with the flick of his wrist, and said to them,” Take them all to the dungeon.” he started to leave, yet stopped and added,” Oh, and not in the one where their parents are. The combination could be very…hazardous.” Then he left laughing.

That stupid moron. Celia thought. But there seemed to be nothing she can do, as she let the robots grab her and the triplets’ arms and drag them to the small, dark cell of despair. T.R and Annie fought the robots, but they were also taken.

Polona looked at Celia, really depressed, and she whispered,” Celia Kent?”

Celia looked at her, and swallowed the urge to yell at her, and strangle at her. Sure, Polona may be the cause of all of this, but Celia had said yes to go on a crazy adventure, which a while earlier, hadn’t been in her business of things. She was only a filmmaker, not a hero.

” Celia Kent,” Polona said again, and voice had cracked. ” I’m sorry I had put you and your friends in this danger. You three didn’t deserve it. Not one bit.”

Celia didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know whether to just forgive. But she decided to remain speechless and nod.

The guards dragged her through the white hallways; And descended them through the dimly lit staircase-which made her behind go numb; And into the dungeon-which looks like an actual dungeon, with the bars that make a door. With security cameras at the ceiling watching every move, with the dim concrete walls, and one bar window too high to reach, and too small for either of them to crawl out of, and not just because of the bars.


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