About My Long Stories

This symbolizes imagination that is coming from any storybook. It can be as awesome as the hot air balloons shown above.

The picture’s location: maeclair.net/tag/sweet-romance/


STOP! Let’s hold back for a while. Okay? This is about something real.

What I realized for the last few weeks, is that the majority of my blogs are parts of my long story. If you’re irritated about this, read this blog and calm down. It’s only in this blog.

Let’s say that, when I’m writing my first part of the story, I only imagined the first part, and let the rest come to me over time. I know this sounds stupid, since I wasn’t gonna use any outlines to organize things, but i don’t think I can use them. Like, what if the story, did not sound as exciting as it did before? I like to experiment with things.

Another thing is, that my stories are long. But I don’t want to bore you ,with a million words in one post. I don’t think you’ll have the time. And writing stories take a long time. You might have to wait weeks, before the next post comes out. Which can be maddening (I feel that whenever a new Rick Riordan book will have to come a few months from now, which is a LONG way away)

My stories became long in fifth grade, only because I had the habit of putting too much details on something otherwise shouldn’t be described so much, like the decoration of a girl’s uniform. As a result, some of the stories I write during Writing in Demand were incomplete. And my audiences-annoyed. I wrote probably the longest in my fifth grade class. At a parent-Teacher Conferences, my teacher probably said I was beating around the bush, rather than getting to the point. But I did that because, I want people to see things the way I did. Now I see that even though what they see is different from me, they can still enjoy the story anyway. But it’s still kinda there, as I jump to Google to research for the type of something simple, like hairstyles, chairs, and/or doors, etc. I still can imagine at least one of the classmates I know rolling his/her eyes and say, Aw come on. Just get to the point.

Anyway, all I’m saying is, try to live with my long stories. I apologize if this bothers you, but that’s just me. I don’t whether they’ll go away or not. But I’m trying to make them as interesting as possible.

Leave your comments about this below. but please be clean about it.


I hope this helps a bit, if not a lot.




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