To Save their Dying Planet-Last Part

Before the Terra Morte covered the skies with dull gray clouds, every night, people in Pallamignon would go out, and see stunning night skies like this one. And that they will see again.



” So,” T.R said, really discouragingly, ” What do we do now?”

” I don’t know,” replied Arsena, who sat down exhausted,” We’ve sunk for good.”

Celia agreed. It was too late. The court case probably already began, and everything will crumble.

Then, a voice wafted out, saying,” Now don’t you say it’s all over. You still got the chance, to change the world.”

Polona, who was lying down, sat up, her eyes on alert. She looked around and asked,” Who said that?”

” Look in the hole, Rhodes.” Annie said, her eyes staring at the hole the size of an American football, and through that, was a old woman, with a black hood over her head, which concealed most of her white hair. Although she was aged, she had startlingly bright hazel eyes, which made her look more alive and a bit younger than she seems.

Celia walked towards the aged woman and asked,” Who are you?”

” I’m Ruthena Argent.” she croaked. ” Are you the controversial redhead they were talking about?”

Celia was surprised. How did she know about her, when Celia didn’t know a thing about her?

Ruthena, obviously reading her, said,” I had a hunch about you. You saving Pallamignon, and overthrowing Oxon Diora’s place as president.”

” Whoa there.” Annie said.” Did you say, she will overthrow the president? At first, she came here with these triplets to help them solve their problem, and now you say she’ll be the next president?”

Ruthena, looking stern said,” I did not say she’ll be the next president-”

” -But you said she’ll overthrow him.” interrupted Urania. ” That always equals the one overthrowing the ruler, to be the ruler. Right?”

” Not necessarily,” Ruthena answered. She looked back and got a metal ball and asked,” Looking for this?”

The triplet’s eyes widen and Arsena gasped, and chirped,” That’s the invention our parents were making, and they’re almost done! Where are they?”

” At the court case already. They’re possibly terrified, thinking for you three, and the worlds-both ours and the humans’-that are at stake.”

Celia, then asked, curiously,” Are the government already decided their execution?”

Ruthena, who was surprisingly patient, answered,” No. Fortunately, President Diora had to introduce the names of each one of the 22 people in the jury, and the people who came before them, up to sixteen generations back. Which takes three hours.”

T.R laughed and said,” Ma’am, I know their parents are on trial, but that sounds like the dumbest thing I’ve heard done.”

” They do it because it’s tradition.” Arsena said. ” They have been doing this for five centuries.”

” This will give us more than enough time to complete what our parents had started.” Polona said. She gently took the metal ball from Ruthena, and asked,” Urania, do you have the sample of bacteria?”

” Yes, ma’am.” Urania piped as she got the petri dish. Polona got it, and with the ball close to her lips, she whispered, Free air. 

A thin line ran around the ball, cutting the ball in half, at exact-zero. Another line, that was perpendicular to the first one, split the semi-circle on top in half. Then the split semi-circle popped open, and revealed an empty place, shaped like a circle-the place that was waiting for the petri dish.

Polona opened the petri dish, put the dish upside down, and put it in it’s long-awaited spot. Lines around the bolts, wheels and wiring glows white, and two black semi-circles, rose up by tiny robotic arms, covered the petri dish. After that, it started spinning really quickly. Satisfied, Polona closed the ball very tightly, that the two lines disappeared.

The ball then levitated only by a few feet. Celia was surprised. She did not know it could do that. The first line that cut the sphere in half, reappeared. This time, two holes the size of acorns appeared-one on one side of the sphere, and the other on it’s opposite side.

The two holes are different. And that was what Celia realized. The first is a bit covered, yet riddled w/ holes. the second showed razor-sharp blades that started spinning at the speed of light.

the sphere shook, like it was gonna spontaneously combust any moment. Annie, T.R, and the rest watched with excitement and fear. All of them wondering, Will it work? 

Turns out it did, because it hammered through and out the window with so much force. So much, that bars and the wall have been ripped off it’s place. Waves of energy flung the screaming triplets and the humans to the barred doors hard. Celia, shocked with the sudden pain, after the aftershock ended in a few seconds, groaned and collapsed to the ground. As her eyesight returned to normal, she saw the glowing ball going all over the outdoors. Which is starting to look different from the last time she saw this. The six of them watched in silence as the ball changed their landscape.

What seemed to be ashes are sucked into the ball in one end, and overflowing invisible air dumped out of the other end. the dull-gray clouds slowly retreated away, revealing a stunning night sky richly decorated with brilliant stars, big or small, and colorful hazes. People were streaming out of the places, screaming with euphoria. The air was bubbled with questions and yelling and laughing, and crying.

One had asked,” A miracle! Where did this come from?”

Another called out,” It must be from the Rebellion. May they rule Pallamignon!”


The triplets, and the humans, after getting over their shock, howled with joy, jumped up and hugged each other, jumping and spinning around simultaneously.

” WE DID IT! WE DID IT!!” Arsena boomed as she shook each of them rather violently-Celia thought it must be from too much joy. ” WEEEEE DIIIIIID IIIIIIIT!!!!!!!” Her two sisters were also that crazy with joy.

Finally when they calmed down, they looked at Celia, Annie and T.R. Polona said,” Thank you, guys.” You’ve done a huge, huge favor for us. i wonder what to do to repay that.”

Celia then became intensely homesick. She thought about her parents, who might be scared, wondering where she is.” I think you can take us home, as we helped save yours.” she said.

Ruthena, who was watching the whole time smiled and said,” Don’t worry. You may go home right now.”

Urania got her device out-the one that got them here, which Celia had long forgotten-punched a few buttons, set it on the ground.. The screen beamed an image of Central Park. With their people laughing-living their safe, free lives.

Annie then said,” I’m gonna miss you triplets. But what time is it there?”

Urania checked and replied,” 5:06″

Two hours had passed. Celia thought. It was 3:03 when the filming began. When everything happened.

Celia and her friends looked at her new E.T friends one last time. Tears fell down her face as she thought, I’m seriously gonna miss them. They were great people, who are drop-dead loyal and friendly to them.

The three looked at the Central Park scene, held their hands, and jumped in.



Source of Earth’s picture:


This is the end. End of the line, guys.




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