Apology for the gap between time in making parts 3 & 4


The division between the mountain range and its reflection (minus the trees) represents the gap.

Source of image: http://all-free-download.com/wallpapers/nature/himalayas_wallpaper_landscape_nature_wallpaper_1389.html


When part 4 came out, about two months after part 3 came out, I think I knew what your general response would be:

” ABOUT TIME! What took you so long? Why, why, why did you have to take two months to write one. Single. Post?”

If this isn’t your response, you have a choice to read further or leave. If it is, read further, ’cause here’s why.

The reason because is that the screenplay, I noticed, was going downhill. It didn’t seem like something that would win awards. Instead, it looked and sounded like a flop.

My first problem was Tristan’s character. Earlier, he didn’t seem to be that kind of person who is aware of the little time he has left. Instead, he was the kind who doesn’t care. Which looks bad. But it worsens when I don’t even give the characters a way for them to know about their limited time. The rest of the characters, are halfwits and awkward.

Another problem were the events. Earlier, when they were in that cave, they were supposed to go through a neverending staircase, and a Firedust helps them. From this point, is when I realize that this was not getting better, because I promised myself that at least one of the characters would be punished in the way the message says they would be. So I wiped out what had happened when they decided to leave the cave.

These problems were also there in the earlier screenplay posts, and shockingly, I didn’t notice the story going downhill. For example, when the trio faced the psychotic Margo, the events didn’t seem all that terrifying-according to my twin sister (who will remain anonymous). So, whenever I can, I began to fix the screenplay to make it better. ┬áTristan, Abigail, and Dexter are more aware of their time, and the events that were supposed to be scary, are getting scary. The screenplay is finally getting better.

I think a lot more important improvements are still to be made. But, I’m glad that I noticed what was wrong. Thanks for reading this!!!





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