The Amity Potion Screenplay-Part 4

This image from Hubble is very similar to the groups of Firedusts, called flurries, that migrate to Chanting Forest every spring at night.




VICTORIA, dressed in a black habit without the rope, watches the trio from her crystal ball, sitting on top of a pedestal that reaches her shoulders, with anger. She makes a fist, and the crystal ball shatters to pieces.

VICTORIA (furiously walking down a hallway)


VICTORIA bangs the door open to a room full of portraits of animals and a book resting on the podium in the center of the room. She goes to a portrait of a wolf in an indigo background, where ATHOS (ageless) handsome, buff alpha male werewolf, hidden within it. She coos at him, wanting him to come out.

VICTORIA (smooth and soothing)

Oh, Athos, pet. Come out, I need some blood to spill.

ATHOS, disguised as the wolf in the portrait jumped out, somersaulted, and transformed into a tanned muscular teenage guy wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, pants and combat boots. He spoke to her in a voice that sounds like he had a really bad cough.


Your highness, I did talk to you on how I don’t participate on human affairs.

VICTORIA (not caring)

Well, this isn’t something that’s just a human affair.

VICTORIA leads ATHOS to the book on the podium. Automatically, the book flips its pages to reveal a two-page sketch of TRISTAN, ABIGAIL, and MARIE-GRACE sitting in the table, discussing something.


Here they were, talking about the witch’s foolhardy quest. And watch the events unfold.

VICTORIA’S finger touches the edge of the left page and extremely slowly, she drags her finger right. As she does, ATHOS watched the two teens go through a ton of events in a very fast pace, yet he understands the gist of these events that had happened. When it came to the part when the trio escaped to the rest of the forest, and the images fade, VICTORIA’S finger having had passed a quarter of the left page. ATHOS is confused.

ATHOS (curious)

So, what do you want me to do?


I want you to hunt them down. You may kill the boy and the albino’s fur may be one more thing on your fur cloak of prey. The girl’s fate lies in your own decision. I don’t give a damn about her.

ATHOS (shaking his head)


VICTORIA (insulted)

No, what?

ATHOS (glaring at her)

No, I’m not gonna participate in this human affair.

VICTORIA (trying to convince him to do it in a calm way)

That bastard you see before you is destined to overthrow me, replacing me with my softie, goody two-shoes twin, who believes that you must be friends with your prey. And his girl and that albino excuse of a fox, will help him fulfill that.

ATHOS (standing his ground)

You asked me to do something that has human affairs, and my answer is no.

VICTORIA tugs her right sleeve and some purple powder appears in her hand. She lifted her hand up to a few inches away from her face, and blows the powder on ATHOS’S face. He begins screaming and tries to get rid of the purple smoke that surrounds his head. He falls to the floor, crying and kicking, and gagging as the smoke spreads to his chest and arms.

ATHOS (writhing)


VICTORIA (bending down to him)

Just let it in, my mutt, and the pain will be no more.

ATHOS lay still on the ground, breathing deeply and the smoke clears away from him. With his closed eyes, he stands up, and opens his eyes, now glowing brilliant purple. VICTORIA smiles at her success.


Now that’s much better, my pet. Call your pack. You know what to do.

ATHOS throws his head back and howled the iconic wolf howl. He then looks at VICTORIA with loyalty.


I won’t fail you.

ATHOS turn to run, and while running to the door, he transforms to an alpha male wolf and continues running out of her castle. VICTORIA remains standing in the room, waiting for her prisoners to arrive with an evil grin.


The trio continues on to the uncharted territory, wondering where they are. They look up and around. TRISTAN looks back to see a second leaf snap itself off, reminding him that they don’t have a lot of time. TRISTAN looks to DEXTER for guidance.

ABIGAIL (listing what had happened so far, in a negative way)

OK, so far, we came into a strange land, found a dog that has human vocal chords, got yelled at by an old guard, trashed a bar, escaped to the wild where a psycho tried to kill us twice, ran into unfamiliar land-WITH HALF OF OUR SUPPLIES!!!

TRISTAN (wondering about the land)

Are the rest of the Amity potion here?

DEXTER (wishing he knows)

Well, now that you said it, I hope so. It is rumored that there are a million of caves of Eternal Amber, moonlit waters in every stream, and hundreds of Firedusts that migrate here every spring, and leave every autumn.

ABIGAIL (sarcastic)

Great, rumors. And not a single fact. Yep, we’ll be totally occupied.


ABIGAIL is narrating this part, while TRISTAN and DEXTER talk to each other quietly in the back.

ABIGAIL (apologizing)

I apologize for those who noticed my sarcasm, but notice, we were walking in uncharted land, that nobody ever went to, and guessing the rest of the ingredients to make a potion to save a guy who’s dying to get it-excuse the pun-in a matter of less than half a month.

TRISTAN (talking to DEXTER)

Last I checked, I did not leave out the part when you first appeared to us.

ABIGAIL (looking back at the two)

What’s going on?

TRISTAN (thinking he’s got it)

Don’t worry, Abigail. Everything’s under control.

ABIGAIL (looking back at the cam and rolling her eyes)

Hmph. Dudes.


ABIGAIL steps on something that looks like a puddle of melted orange diamonds. ABIGAIL, disgusted by the puddle, shrieks and goes back behind TRISTAN.

ABIGAIL (freaked out)

That was so gross! What if that was blood of something creepy?

DEXTER (sniffing the puddle and discovering something surprising)

Not blood…this is molten Eternal Amber! And it’s not even refined!

ABIGAIL and TRISTAN, who have been looking down, saw an entire river of molten Eternal Amber. TRISTAN smiles and gets really excited.

TRISTAN (wanting to get the Eternal Amber)

So, we can get it, right? Or did Abigail’s shoe just contaminate it?

DEXTER (knowing something even better)

No! But it means we can go swim across it, and get the samples at the other side!

Dexter jumps around in joy, with TRISTAN and ABIGAIL watching, trying to swallow the idea of swimming there.

ABIGAIL (shocked still)

So we are gonna swim, in what looks like toxic waste?

DEXTER looks at the bushes of what resembled crystallized orange berries.

DEXTER (with a mischievous look that can worry people)

Not before eating some berries.


TRISTAN is now narrating.


These berries, that are used to help us breathe underwater there, were really hard, and-


TRISTAN is shown plucking the berry from the bush. TRISTAN’S narrating voice goes on as he stands up, and put the berry in his mouth.


-you aren’t supposed to chew it at all, like you aren’t supposed to chew a pill.

TRISTAN accidentally chews on the berry, and the sound of something cracking is heard. TRISTAN’S face is full of shock as he realizes his mistake. The scene freezes.


I learned that the hard way.

The scene unfreezes and TRISTAN bends down and gags the juice out, which disintegrated a plant that fell victim to the juice.

TRISTAN (disgusted and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand)

Ugh, it’s sour.

DEXTER looks up, and with a bored look, looks at what he did.

DEXTER (in a bored tone)

Let me guess, you chewed the damn thing.

TRISTAN (annoyed)

What do you think? It’s so sour.

ABIGAIL (not understanding)

Really, sour? Mine tasted like apple juice, honey, and chocolate milk combined.

TRISTAN looks stunned at her, wondering what had she really eaten. DEXTER does a huge eye-roll and explains everything.


When you put the berry in your mouth, wait for 10 seconds, and the berry, already broken down, explodes a nice, sweet taste of it’s juice. Because you chewed on the berry, you made it explode it too early, thus the flavor is sour.

 ABIGAIL begins coughing badly, and sweating. She kneels on the ground, her hand clutching her chest, and looks nearly about to burst to tears.

ABIGAIL (wheezing)

Why (rapid breaths, and a couple of coughs)are my(giant breaths)LUNGS!(coughs five times)not good!

DEXTER, immediately coughing, jumps into the river and disappears. ABIGAIL and TRISTAN scream his name, but he doesn’t come out.


Don’t tell me we have to go there…

ABIGAIL (nodding)

 “Follow the white fox”.(GASPS)  I’m in, and eat the berry right.

ABIGAIL jumps into the river. TRISTAN grabs and puts in a berry, counts for 10 seconds, then a purple-eyed snake inches towards him. TRISTAN when reaching 10, nearly spits up the sweet juice but put his hand on his mouth. He looks back, and sees a snake looking ready to strike him. TRISTAN backs up, until he falls into the river. The resulting splash scares the snake away.


The top of the river resembles fire, and there are desert rock landscapes within, and a lot of gravity. TRISTAN zips downward screaming like he’s in a water slide, trying to hold on to his satchel. He looks around for ABIGAIL and DEXTER, but there are no sign of them.

TRISTAN (totally freaking out)

ABIGAIL?! DEXTER?! Where the hell are you?!!

TRISTAN resumes screaming as he falls in a metal funnel full of the river water, and it goes in many ways until he finally slides down, dripping wet, into a cave with walls decorated with hanging tiny bottles full of glowing orange liquid, aka samples of molten Eternal Amber. ABIGAIL and DEXTER race up to him to see if he’s okay.

 ABIGAIL (pulling him up)

Why are you always last to enter?

TRISTAN (looking around)

Where are we?


One of the million caves of Eternal Amber.

TRISTAN looks around to see blue stones next/covered by Eternal Amber samples. All of them make tinny ringing sounds like tiny bells as the strings bump next to each other. ABIGAIL notices a glowing orange sphere, and goes to it. She notices a line cutting the sphere half, and pushed them to be half-circles. Inside, there is a rolled-up piece of printing paper. ABIGAIL unrolls it, showing a message written in beautiful gold cursive.

ABIGAIL (looking at the message)

Hey guys, check this out.

TRISTAN and DEXTER go to her, and see the message. ABIGAIL looks confused at the message, not being able to read cursive.


Is there anyone around here who could read this? It must be important.


ABIGAIL is now narrating.


I couldn’t read cursive, and nor did I want, or care to. Like nobody seems to do it anymore. Until Tristan comes in and changed my mind about it. He just gawked at me, laughed, and said-



Abigail, you don’t know script? What if you want to write something private? What if you want to sign a contract?

ABIGAIL (answering the second question)

I just write what looks like a signature.

DEXTER (shaking his head)

Sad. Just sad.

TRISTAN (getting what DEXTER said)


ABIGAIL (annoyed)

OK, genius. Tell me what the message says.

TRISTAN (reading aloud)

” If’t be true thee art reading this, hark. Taketh what thee needeth without greed, or beest buried with thy naked desires.”

ABIGAIL (not getting this)

What does that mean?

TRISTAN (barely understanding and shaking his head)

My grandmother sometimes speaks to me as if she walked out of a Shakespeare play, especially during breakfast. She’d say the same thing over and over, till it’s already repeating endlessly in my brain. I’ll try to translate…it says in regular speak…” If you are reading this, listen. Take what you need without greed, or be buried with your naked desires.”


What are naked desires?


Doesn’t matter. All we need to know is that we can’t take too much. Easy, we only take two. One for the potion, and another for backup.

TRISTAN then looked at one of them, and plucked one out of the string that held them in a line. He put it in his pocket.


I got one.


Me too.


Alright. Let’s go.


Yeah, but where’s the exit?

The trio looked and saw a tunnel across them, and they went towards it. ABIGAIL saw a pile of Molten Amber samples, covering something. She brushed them away gently and saw her bag. ABIGAIL was in shock. TRISTAN looks down and sees that he’s still holding his bag, and wonders how her lost bag got there.


What? It was left at the river, where Margo was.


Doesn’t matter. Just get it, and we’ll be leaving.

ABIGAIL grabs it and they begin to leave. Suddenly, a stalactite falls down, and the trio runs to avoid it, and it lands a foot away where they were, after that, rocks in the cave begin falling down, and the trio begins to run to avoid being hit by them.

DEXTER (looking at the teens)

Okay, who’s the greedy one here?


Must have been the bag! Should I drop it-

ABIGAIL looks at ABIGAIL’S MOM (female) as a cancer patient lying in a gurney, she finds herself in a hospital, no longer in a cave. ABIGAIL looks at her mother, remembers her death, and tears stream down her face, as she runs towards her. ABIGAIL’S MOM looks at her and croaks for her.

ABIGAIL’S MOM (croaking)

Abby…are you here?

ABIGAIL (crying)

Mom, I’m coming! I’m here!

ABIGAIL continues running though she never seems to come closer to her mother.


TRISTAN is running towards the exit with light shining through with DEXTER trailing behind him. They are almost there when they stop and look back, and see that ABIGAIL is not with them.


Where’s Abigail?

They look to see ABIGAIL a few feet behind them running to the right towards the edge of the cliff. TRISTAN starts running and calling her name.

TRISTAN (reaching out for her)



ABIGAIL continues running towards her mother, whose being dragged away in her gurney by a group of doctors.

ABIGAIL (yelling)

No, stop! I need to talk to her!!

The group of doctors keep talking and dragging her mother through the empty hallways and the swinging doors. Suddenly, ABIGAIL’S MOM sits up to speak to ABIGAIL and TRISTAN’s voice comes out of her mouth.


Don’t go any further!

ABIGAIL suddenly stops and the hospital background around her fades away, and she remembers she was in a cave, and the hospital scene shrinks away. TRISTAN grabs her hand and they begin running out of the cave and through the exit, where Dexter is waiting. The boulders behind them crush down, blocking the exit permanently.


A PACK OF WOLVES race across the forest. ATHOS, the alpha male stops and sniffs the air. He turns to the PACK OF WOLVES behind him.


Our prey is close. If we are to get them, we must be quiet and alert. You know very well what weapons they have.

DOMINANT FEMALE WOLF (female) began to contradict him.

DOMINANT FEMALE WOLF (with a raspy voice)

The “prey” you’re smelling are humans. And five hundred years ago, you promised not to deal with human affairs.

ATHOS (raising his tail up and baring his teeth, angry)

Enough! I am the leader of this pack! I make the decisions!

WOLF#1 saw ATHOS’S eyes flash purple, indicating he was under the spell of VICTORIA.


Of course. You are under the spell of that witch, Victoria. Athos would never break an oath he followed.

 ATHOS growls viciously at WOLF#1 to indicate dominance, and DOMINANT FEMALE WOLF growls back at him. Then, they attack each other, and finally, ATHOS flings DOMINANT FEMALE WOLF to a tree, where her neck snaps and she lays still on the ground. ATHOS looks towards the PACK OF WOLVES, and growls, making sure they know who’s the alpha male in the pack.

ATHOS (threatening)

 Anyone else?

The PACK OF WOLVES, who are scared, express submission to ATHOS by whimpering and crouching, and tucking their tails.

ATHOS (pleased)

Good. Now, let’s move. Our prey is waiting.

ATHOS tilts his head up and howls to the sky, with the pack joining him. After they stop, they continue running in the forest.


TRISTAN is sitting near a fire, looking at the branch that has some leaves left. His hand leaves his forehead, as if just going through a headache. ABIGAIL and DEXTER are eating some bread found in TRISTAN’s bag. They are in a campsite, with tents that are set up. ABIGAIL keeps picking out tiny spots that have mold on it.


I keep on wondering if there are more obstacles that will test us psychologically.


Yeah, and you almost pretty much failed.


What happened there? Why did you run towards the cliff?

ABIGAIL (looking down)

That message. Remember when it said to not be greedy or be buried with your naked desires?


Haunts me every time I think about it.

ABIGAIL (tears running)

I think I know what it means. The last part I mean. If I got too much, their desires, usually hidden for a good reason or out of fear, will show up, and they’ll run to their deaths just to get whatever they wanted.


And in your case, it is…

ABIGAIL (voice cracking)

 It was to be back with my mom. She died from terminal heart cancer two years ago, and the pain still hurts. Mostly because I wasn’t there to tell her goodbye-I was too scared, and just wanted her to get better.

She wiped away tears that were falling, looked at the branch TRISTAN is holding, and at him.


That’s why I joined on this quest to find the Amity Potion, Tristan. Not just to do your grandmother a favor-but to make sure nobody else nearby me dies from something that should’ve been, if not cured, taken care of.


Well, you’re lucky you have a mom.

ABIGAIL (curious)

What happened to yours?

TRISTAN (flatly)

Died after I was born.


Your dad?

TRISTAN looks away from the fire.


Also dead.

ABIGAIL (full of pity)

I’m sorry.

TRISTAN (calm)

Doesn’t matter. Because of my grandma, I’m fine, now.

Another headache takes place. He blinks in reaction, then it is gone. He’s getting good at hiding them.


VICTORIA enters a marble rotunda with twelve metal gates around. The gates are coated black and nearly covered by vines. VICTORIA looked at the gate at 3 o’ clock, and snapped her fingers towards it. The vines clear away, releasing hold of the black gate, which disappeared upwards, revealing tied-up MARIE-GRACE. VICTORIA walked towards her, and towered over the lying figure. VICTORIA bent down and untied the gag on MARIE-GRACE’s mouth. VICTORIA straightened up and began talking to her.


Well, Marie-Grace. I apologize for the certain protocol we take for people who defy me, for it didn’t discriminate age or gender.

MARIE-GRACE (not buying it)

As if you were ever sorry for anything. At least Tristan had the goodness to respect elders.



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