The Amity Potion Screenplay-part 5


At last, the trio meets the Firedusts.

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Previously, at the end of The Amity Potion Screenplay part 4, Victoria opens the gate of a cell where a tied-up Marie-Grace is locked in. She falsely apologizes for the actions took by the people in the castle that put her in the cell in the first place. Marie-Grace didn’t buy it, and compared her to Tristan Doven, who respects his elders. Let’s see how the conversation goes from there:



VICTORIA (irritated)

Unfortunately, Marie-Grace, that boy, Tristan, won’t last for very long.

MARIE-GRACE (determined)

Don’t be so smug about it all because of that curse you laid on him, minutes after you showed up at the first day of his life. He’s a strong person, and he will lift your misbegotten curse.

VICTORIA (tilts her head like she’s thinking)

Oh, like the curse he had and you kept…what was it you said?(glares at her) Uplifting it? For the better of things? You are no better a deceptive liar than I am.

MARIE-GRACE (being assertive)

Fine. Maybe you’re right. We both do horrible things to get what we wanted. But our wants are different. Mine is to keep Tristan alive until I’m sure he is old enough, clever enough, and strong enough to cure himself from your spell once and for all. All you want is more power, and to make sure nothing is in your way into getting more.

VICTORIA (bending down to meet MARIE-GRACE’s eye level)

Oh, that won’t matter if Tristan finds out what you’ve been doing to him his entire life. Let’s see what he will do, and where his priorities lie. Now…(straightens herself up) go get some rest.

MARIE-GRACE flicks her hand and the black gate falls down inches away from where MARIE-GRACE is, and vines cover the closed gate, ensuring that the prisoner will not escape.


MARIE-GRACE begins to sob silently in the dark, for what she had done. She wiped her cheeks against her legs to stop the tears. When she lifts her head and stops crying, she looked up at the barred window that shed moonlight to the lonely place. Then, she closes her eyes for a prayer.

MARIE-GRACE (praying)

Lord, I am trapped in this cell, beyond reach from my grandson. Please, with all the angles and saints…


The trio lie asleep in their tents.


…guide Tristan through the right path, to make sure he will never reach his demise.

DEXTER shakes himself awake and looks around, sniffing. Suddenly, he knew they were in danger. He goes to TRISTAN’s tent began nudging him to wake him up.

DEXTER (whispering)

Tristan, Tristan. Wake up!

TRISTAN wakes up, and sits up, getting his bag.


What’s going on?

DEXTER (almost shouting)

Something’s coming. And it’s bad. Very, very bad. We got to leave now.

ABIGAIL shows up awake and carrying her bag.


What’s going on?

TRISTAN (keeping it simple)

This camp isn’t safe. We got to leave.

ABIGAIL touches the top of their tents which transform into chess pawn pieces in midair. She catches them, and puts them into her bag. Then they run into the forest, with the fire out, and a pail right next to it. Soon ATHOS and the PACK OF WOLVES arrive and sniff around for clues. LUCAS, one of his pack members (in his early teens) sniffs the ground, and then calls his pack.


Guys, I think I found something.

 ATHOS runs and turns to his human form. He towers above LUCAS, who turns into the form of a squatting teenage kid.

ATHOS (calm, yet menacing)

What have you found…Lucas?

LUCAS (looking back and pointing at what he’s looking at)

The prey, they aren’t far. They went that way.

LUCAS looks at ATHOS, lowers his hand, and turns back to his wolf form. ATHOS looks back at the PACK OF WOLVES.


Our path is clear. Now let’s get them!

The PACK OF WOLVES race towards the path, and ATHOS transforms into a wolf and runs to catch up with them.


How did you know all of this?


DEXTER is at the camera, and ABIGAIL was at the corner confused. DEXTER looks back at her to reply.


Know what?


What had happened from other people?


By talking with them. This can’t be a real story if it was only from one perspective.

DEXTER looks back at the camera, gives a smirk and winked.


The trio end up in a dead end, with their path blocked by trees and bushes. DEXTER gets annoyed.

DEXTER (irritated)

Brill. Now we’re stuck.

ABIGAIL ( trying to be cheerful)

Hope not. Maybe there’s a hidden path somewhere.

DEXTER (sarcastic)

Yeah. Maybe if you say ” Open Sesame”, the trees will open up and make a path for you.

On cue, the trees part and create a path for them to take.

DEXTER (totally not believing this)

You’ve got to be joking.

TRISTAN (focusing on what’s important)

Doesn’t matter. We can continue onward.

The trio jogged forward, which slowed down to a careful walk. They are getting scared, for there are forest noises everywhere and they are wondering when something was going to strike. The air is full of suspense. ABIGAIL is looking around when she saw a pair of eyes, grows frightened, and began to alert TRISTAN and DEXTER.



A pair of hands grab her, one of them covers her mouth, and she snatched away, screaming. TRISTAN and DEXTER look to see that ABIGAIL disappeared.

TRISTAN (very worried)


DEXTER, who must be seeing something awful all around him, crept back and jumped, and TRISTAN catches him and hugs him like he’s a teddy bear. ATHOS stealthily inches close to him from behind.

TRISTAN (trying again)


ATHOS (smooth and creepy)

Well hello, Tristan Doven.

TRISTAN, holding DEXTER turns around to stare at ATHOS in his werewolf form, and notices all the PACK OF WOLVES surrounding him. But he looks at ATHOS more and out of fear, TRISTAN and DEXTER both scream.


TRISTAN is now narrating.


The encounter with werewolves was the scariest event in my life. (Shudders) Moving on.


TRISTAN is looking at all of the wolves, trying to find a way to get out and find ABIGAIL. Then, he looks at ATHOS and tries the easygoing, nonchalant card.

TRISTAN (trying to act calm when he’s not)

Um…uh, hey. Nothing to see here. We come in peace. Whew, (wipes his forehead with his left hand while holding DEXTER with his right arm) it’s really hot in here. Is someone trying to raise the temperatures?

ATHOS and the PACK OF WOLVES all howl (not literally) with laughter at his wimpy act. LUCAS begins to comment on it.


Looks like this cursed boy needs Special Eds on dying.

PACK OF WOLVES continue laughing until ATHOS glares at them to shut up. Then ATHOS looks back at TRISTAN and DEXTER.


You, cursed boy, are coming with me.


Not going to happen. Where’s Abigail?


Aw shucks. Cursed boy’s looking for his sorry girlfriend. Sorry, man, but if try to get away from us, your girlfriend will have her head fitted for a halo.

A very tied-up ABIGAIL is flung to the front of the PACK OF WOLVES. TRISTAN goes to her, dropping DEXTER.



TRISTAN tries to untie her, but ABIGAIL refuses.


No, get away! Go! I’m going to be fine! It’s not me they want!


I’m not leaving you!


You can’t throw yourself in front of these wolves and live!

ATHOS (menacingly teasing)

Oh look. Cursed boy decided to give his little doggie vocal chords and take it on a walk.

DEXTER, angry, glares at ATHOS, ready to talk trash to him.

DEXTER (super insulted)

Did you just call me doggie? I’m a fox, you meathead! You’re so muscled, pro wrestlers are jealous! But turns you’re as dumb as those American football players!


DEXTER is at the camera.

DEXTER (sarcastically)

Thank you, America. For making the football concept so complicated for foreigners. Oh yeah, and not ditching the customary system. Like, what’s up with that?


ATHOS howled at the sky, and when he stopped, he looked at TRISTAN and PACK OF WOLVES.


Kill the boy! I want the girl and the dog alive!

PACK OF WOLVES pounce towards him, and DEXTER tries to defend TRISTAN, but is flung to the ground next to ABIGAIL. TRISTAN backs away very quickly, and found a long thick stick, and aims it at the wolves, ready to hit them.


You are not going anywhere!

PACK OF WOLVES smirk and laugh. ATHOS grins at TRISTAN, with the fact that a stick won’t kill them.

ATHOS (false pity)

Poor, poor Tristan. Looks like your grandmother didn’t want you to live at all.

TRISTAN quickly raises his stick high like he’s playing baseball, and stops when the words hit him. He looks frightened, wondering if what ATHOS said was true. ATHOS sees this and continues to get into his head and convince him that it was better to let himself die there. As he does, vines automatically begin growing from behind, encircling his arms and legs. TRISTAN struggles to get them off.


I mean, why live when your time isn’t going for long, anyway? And the Amity Potion? Who knows if there is such a thing? For all you know, according to rumors, it was supposed to heal your curse. But, since when did you ever trust rumors, hm? Not ever, I see.

TRISTAN (scared, and irritated)


TRISTAN begins to swing the stick forward to hit ATHOS, but his stick began to glow white, and then changed into a silver sword. Everybody gasps at this, and ATHOS and the PACK OF WOLVES back away from it. The vines encircling TRISTAN up to his neck wither and become inanimate. DEXTER recognizes it, and tells TRISTAN what he knows about the sword.


Tristan! That is the Sword of Choice! It is given to a person very few times a century by the Hoventian moon goddess, Monrisalle. Often, it is when they are fighting werewolves. They can choose whether to use the sword to kill the werewolves and gain immortality, or another choice.


What is that other choice?


The legends don’t say what, but it is better inferred the choice is what will be the alternative to killing werewolves.

TRISTAN looks at the sword, then at ATHOS and the PACK OF WOLVES-repetitively- wondering what to do.


Looking at the sword, I was seized by the urge to swing that sword, and slice these werewolves to pieces. I mean, it sounds like a good idea. And, these wolves scared me and wanted to kill me. And immortality? This was the most awesome thing I ever heard. This could mean I could override my curse, like the Congress who overrides the President’s veto. Excited, I was totally in for it. Oh, I was so in for it. But a small part of my conscience that remained in my head, wondered about what I have to do to get immortality, and that is kill the werewolves. But heck, my conscience is really tiny right now.


Hey! What’s taking you so long! Swing that sword already!!

ABIGAIL (talking sense)

Don’t do it! Consider the consequences! Remember why we came here!

TRISTAN takes a few steps, then stops himself.


Okay, maybe my conscience isn’t so tiny after all. Following Abigail, I began to wonder if killing is worth it. Even though a huge part couldn’t wait any longer to do some ugly bloodshed, I wonder if, even though this is what I want to do, I could do this and receive immortality and not regret it. I think about the Amity Potion. Yeah sure, it’s all rumors, but it’s pretty much all I’ve got to knowing that this potion could spell the breaking of this curse of mine for good. Which is our top priority, and why we’re here. But immortality could also break the curse…

TRISTAN looks at ABIGAIL and DEXTER, who were staring at him quietly, wondering what choice he will make.


Next, I think of Abigail and of Dexter, and doubt that. Is immortality all that good? Do I really want to outlive everyone I know, and still look nowhere near twenty? I don’t even see a reverse button if I ever choose immortality. Each of the two choices are irreversible. It’s not every day that you are offered immortality. But if I get immortality…and god forbid what I’m going to say next,what if that turns me into a werewolf, with his thirst for violence forever insatiable. Is that what I want?

ATHOS howls at the sky with impatience, and DEXTER is getting very worried.

DEXTER (shouting)

Make the right choice!


This is what it all goes down to. The right choice. The Amity Potion journey continues, or I get immortality through some serious tearing down of morals and go home cured. I got to make the right choice soon, and I didn’t even give the second choice a chance of a fair argument.

The sword glows brighter with impatience. TRISTAN closes his eyes and makes the choice.


The choice is made. I didn’t like it, but the consequences will make it worth it.

TRISTAN raises his sword above his head, and the characters surrounding him think he’s going to kill the werewolves. ATHOS and the PACK OF WOLVES prepare for the first blow, while ABIGAIL and DEXTER yell at him not to do it. Then TRISTAN plunges the sword into the ground, shocking everybody-including himself. TRISTAN, still holding the hilt of the sword, bends down on one knee from the shock, breathing heavily and sweating. Then, TRISTAN stands up, and walks towards ATHOS and the PACK OF WOLVES ready to announce his choice.


I didn’t choose immortality, even though I truly wanted to. It isn’t mine to take, and I don’t think I can take in the consequences.

Everyone around him gasps in shock. This has never been done before.


I’ve decided to continue the quest.

ABIGAIL and DEXTER scream in total delight and run towards him. They embrace him tightly with a lot of laughter and crying. Stunned ATHOS and the PACK OF WOLVES turn to their human form permanently as a bunch of men and boys. Looking at each other, they laughed and hugged each other, and started their ways to wherever they wanted to be, now that they are no longer werewolves. The trio doesn’t notice this. Then, ABIGAIL punches TRISTAN hard in the shoulder. TRISTAN bends down from the pain, shocked from what ABIGAIL did.

TRISTAN (shocked)

Oh my god, Abigail. Ow, why did you-

ABIGAIL (teasing)

What took you so long? I was beginning to worry that you were going to choose immortality and ditch us here. If you did, I would sue everybody there. Including your grandma, of course.


You have no idea how cool immortality sounded while I was holding that sword. I almost wanted to do anything, even murder, to release myself of the curse.


But you didn’t. You chose to keep going with this quest, which was awesome so far.

TRISTAN (confused)

Really? Despite the drunk people from the Star Hotel, Margo, the rock giants-

ABIGAIL (waving it away)

Yeah, I know. I didn’t expect all those. But we’re alive and still pretty much sane, which makes them worth it.

DEXTER gasps like he saw something amazing, and alerts the teens about it.


Tristan, Abigail! Look! Someone’s here!

ABIGAIL and TRISTAN look to see MONRISALLE (ageless) a pale ash-blond lady hooded in a white cape flowing over a midnight-blue dress. MONRISALLE walks towards them, picking up the Sword of Choice from the ground. She smiles and greets TRISTAN very casually.


Congratulations, Tristan.


Who are you?


That’s Monrisalle, the goddess of the moon. She’s here to congratulate you.


That I am. Many boys and men around your age, have faced this test before. One girl, same age as you, had also been tested. But none of them have fought the temptation as greatly as you did. Therefore, their punishment was to be werewolves and hunt endlessly under the partial service of the wicked witch Victoria, until someone did fight the temptation.

TRISTAN looks back, and sees that the werewolves are gone. Shocked by this, he looks back at MONRISALLE as he realizes something.


So these werewolves…hell no…they’ve been human before.

MONRISALLE (nodding sadly)

Yes, they have. Some, a few hundred years earlier. Now, that you have chosen to let them go, they can find complete peace, and continue their lives…the best way they can.  It is sad to see the life you love to be so cruelly interrupted all because of the factor that you couldn’t stand up to control your fate.

TRISTAN listens to this and knows she was talking about the curse. Then, he reassures her that he can control his fate.

TRISTAN (reassuring)

Don’t worry, Monrisalle. I can control what happens and lift the curse.


That I’m confident will happen. Now for choosing the right choice, I’m giving you one of the three ingredients you need.

MONRISALLE then held the Sword of Choice like she was presenting it to TRISTAN. The Sword of Choice glowed and changed to a small object on her right hand, is an intricate glass bottle filled with water with a blue aura.TRISTAN, wide-eyed, gingerly recieves it.


They are what we needed. Thanks.


Happy to help. Now, you only need the feathers of a Firedust, which isn’t all that hard, and finally, the lover’s teardrop-the hardest to get. Therefore, currently, the ceremony of making the Amity Potion usually skips finding the lover’s teardrop and gets on with just creating.


 But it’s one of the ingredients needed to make it.

MONRISALLE (nodding)

Exactly. Without it, the medicine can cures all ills, but it won’t lift Tristan’s curse. The teardrop gives the potion the final push of strength to cure those who are terminally ill, when they have nothing else to turn too. The reason for the lover’s teardrop is because of the permanence and strength of true love, for without it, nothing could last forever, or be as happy.


But, how do we get it?

MONRISALLE looks up and sees upcoming daylight, therefore growing transparent. She knows her time is nearly up. She looks back at TRISTAN and replies to him.


I have to go. Daylight’s getting close. You will face more challenges, Tristan. But remember, the lover’s teardrop will be found-

MONRISALLE disappears in a shower of blue sparks, therefore leaving TRISTAN with no clue whatsoever on where the lover’s teardrop will be found.

TRISTAN (murmuring loud enough to be heard)

There goes my luck.

DEXTER rolls his eyes at that statement.


Tristan, you can’t expect finding the ingredients easy. We didn’t know where the rest of the ingredients were, yet we got them.

ABIGAIL comes close to him, and puts her hand on his shoulder to comfort and advise him.


Just let that last ingredient find us, okay? I mean, it’s just a teardrop.


Right now, we need to find the feathers of a Firedust.


Ok, but where do we start?


TRISTAN stares up at the lighthouse in total shock. He does not believe that ancient Hoventian birds would even want to settle there for the summer. ABIGAIL and DEXTER catch up to him, and DEXTER grins in total satisfaction.


Yep, this is the place. I can smell it.

TRISTAN (doubtful)

Look, Dexter. I trust your nose-therefore you-and everything, but why would a flock of Firedusts coop themselves up in there?


Firedusts are spirits. Sometimes there are birds, but there are other times that they are people, too. They can be cunning, and very disobedient to anyone who isn’t one of them. But they can be extermely honest and intelligent and protective. Therefore, they choose the last place anyone could ever find them. Now let’s come in.

DEXTER pushes open a wooden door, and the trio walk in.


The room was very dim, drafty, and damp, with water dripping off some stones. The trio come in, ABIGAIL and TRISTAN rubbing their arms from the cold. They drop their bags at the corner and look at the winding wooden staircase that goes all the way to the top. ABIGAIL began to doubt if anyone ever lived in the lighthouse.


I don’t know, Dexter. Doesn’t look like anybody lives here.

Unseen lanterns hung on the stone walls and on the sides of the staircase begin to light up instantly from bottom to top, revealing a line of FIREDUSTS (teens)people who are old souls wearing medieval clothing with glittering skin, that glows a different aura of light, waiting for TRISTAN and ABIGAIL. ROWANELLIS,(15) a pretty female Firedust wearing a long-sleeved red dress, glowing yellow for friendliness, comes down the stairs and gracefully extends her hand towards TRISTAN, greeting him.


Welcome, Tristan Doven. My name is Rowanellis. Me and my tribe has been expecting you three.

TRISTAN is shocked that they knew his name, and backs up a little.


How…how did you my name?

 ROWANELLIS (smiling)
You don’t know why? Do you know what importance you are to us and the Hoventians? Isn’t that why you came?

TRISTAN shakes his head, and tells ROWANELLIS why he was in Hoventia.


No. I’m only here in Hoventia to get the ingredients to make the Amity Potion to-

CANOCLIS (19), ROWANELLIS’s ornery older brother all dressed in black, glowing blue for moodiness, interrupts TRISTAN to show ROWANELLIS that he’s not the one they are waiting for and should be kicked out.

CANOCLIS (irritated)

-lift your bloody curse!

Everyone looks at him like, Why are you so upset? Like, why? He wasn’t finished yet. CANOCLIS continues to make his point. ROWANELLIS then asks him why he’s being like this.


Canoclis, what’s the matter. This time I can feel it. He’s the one we’re waiting for. I can feel it, I know it.

CANOCLIS glows red from anger and walks down the stairs and stares and points at TRISTAN.

CANOCLIS (scolding angrily)

Why do we keep going on with this? Don’t you see? This boy, and every human being who’s ever come into our place is not the one were waiting for. They are all selfish people who desire nothing less than our feathers-our pride and crowning glory-and not one would ever care about whether they live or die with their shame because of being victimized of these humans’ exploits!

ARWENLIONE (14) a tiny girl wearing a green dress, with flowers on her hair, glowing yellow for indecisive, asks CANOCLIS to get to the point. She doesn’t know whether to follow ROWANELLIS or CANOCLIS.

So what are you saying?

CANOCLIS stares at the FIREDUSTS, and drives his point home.


What I’m saying is, that they shall be thrown out of here without our help, and find their own way to get what they want. I mean, it’s not like he’ll last forever.

TRISTAN gets angry with all of CANOCLIS’s bullying and crazy ranting. So he reacts.

TRISTAN (hurt)


FIREDUSTS, ABIGAIL, and DEXTER stare at him. The FIREDUSTS mostly because they never had someone, other than ROWANELLIS, who could stand up to him without thinking about regret. Then, TRISTAN scolds CANOCLIS to just quit it.


Okay, maybe I’m not the “one” you guys are waiting for. But you don’t have to be such a jackass about it!

CANOCLIS lunges towards TRISTAN and grabs the collar of his T-shirt. CANOCLIS yells at him for being so rude with him.

What did you just call me? WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!!!



Everyone looks up to see EVANLIST (late fifties) leader of the FIREDUSTS, wearing an indigo robe, on a balcony not seen before right next to the stairs where he grips the beam, glowing red with strength and anger, glaring down at the crowd, CANOCLIS in particular. He lets go of it, glows blue with kindness and calmly persuades him to stop being a jerk.

EVANLIST (calmly)

Canoclis, put down the boy. He’s not worth the effort.

CANOCLIS glows red with fear, and tries to persuade EVANLIST his point, even though he knows it’s kinda hopeless.

CANOCLIS (scared)

But, Evanlist, he’s human, and-

EVANLIST glows blue for moody and explains why he’s letting TRISTAN go.


I know he’s human, Canoclis, but if I had seen any evil intentions, I would have ordered you to get rid of him…

EVANLIST grows light green for peaceful, sits down on a chair, and then smokes his pipe for a few seconds. Then, he stopped and puffed some smoke.


But since I found none, with the exception of disgust and anger towards you, though that’s coming from everyone around you, I get to spare him.

CANOCLIS pushes TRISTAN away to the ground, letting go of his collar. he then warns TRISTAN to not get cocky about it.

CANOCLIS (seething w/ anger)

 I promise you. This won’t be the last time, so watch it, or so help me. Not even Evanlist will stop me the next time.


Rowanellis, tend to your brother, and after that, guide TRISTAN to the meeting room. We’re going to have a talk.

EVANLIST stands up, smokes some more with his pipe, and walks away. ROWANELLIS runs to her brother, and tries to make talk, but he glares at her, and moves up the stairs, away from EVANLIST. TRISTAN stands up and dusts himself off. ABIGAIL and DEXTER, who were standing still the whole time, comes to him, to see if he’s alright.


You okay?


Yeah. I’m fine.


TRISTAN still narrating.


Of course I was pissed off that they didn’t come to defend me when that jackass stood there, ridiculing me, and being judged like that in front of other Firedusts. but I didn’t let that show, obviously.


ROWANELLIS and TRISTAN climb the stairs to enter the balcony, with decorated curtains, and a floor. TRISTAN looks around and sees EVANLIST, aura-free, sitting in a leather chair, smoking pipe, next to a table with a blue teapot and teacups, and a wooden chair.


He’s here.

EVANLIST puffs some smoke, puts down his pipe, and pours some tea into the teacups.


You can leave, Rowanellis. Thank you.

 ROWANELLIS bows her head a little for respect, and leaves. EVANLIST looks up to see TRISTAN and lets him sit down.


Don’t mind the lack of an aura. I only show it when I want to. Come, sit.

TRISTAN sits down silently at the wooden chair, with EVANLIST observing him.


You know, it’s been a thousand years since a human came into our realm. And I must say, that fox-is that yours?

He’s my friend and guide.


Ah, well, he’s got himself a fine nose, eh.

Both TRISTAN and EVANLIST laugh a bit on that comment, then grow silent. TRISTAN gets his teacup, and sips a bit.


So…what’s Earth like nowadays? It’s been a long time since the Firedusts ever been there. Is it like Hoventia? With flat screens and…interesting clothing?


Sure, but Earth doesn’t have rampaging monsters in forests that try to kill people…At least the ones that are magical.


Hm, I see. Now, the reason that I decided to talk to you is not because I wanted to know what Earth is like now, though I am curious, but because we know the very thing you needed from us.


You mean the Firedust feathers.


And from what I’ve heard, twenty down feathers of it. Twenty down feathers which you will never have. I’m sorry.

EVANLIST smokes some more with his pipe.


But why?

EVANLIST stops smoking, and releases a huge puff of smoke. EVANLIST then leans forward to make a point.


The reason is that the last time I let someone take them, he broke the very promise that he made in return for these feathers. Even worse, he broke it the very next day. It was the promise to keep the feathers hidden, and never tell a soul where they came from. Then, people began invading our realm, trying to attack us, hunt us down for our feathers. My father was killed in one of these skirmishes and so were the parents of Rowanellis, and Canoclis, who never forgot that moment when the humans shot their father down while he was flying to be with them and how the humans bellowed with triumph when they ripped his down feathers off of his dead body.

TRISTAN(with pity)

Oh…I’m sorry.

EVANLIST waves away his words, not needing pity.


Don’t apologize, Tristan. That was a thousand years ago, and ever since then, we changed the forest to make sure nobody got even ten miles away from our realm…until you came into Hoventia.


Look, ever since I got here, a bunch of things happened to be waiting someplace wanting to kill me. Some people in a bar tried to kill me, a psycho summoned giants to kill me, a pack of werewolves wanted my friends and I to be their next dinner, and-and most of them called me the “cursed boy”. Why?


You sound too much like your grandmother, Tristan. Always thinking about why things happen to you. Wherever she is now, I hope she’s safe.

TRISTAN goes silent, feeling guilt.


The reason is that a hundred years ago, a prophecy was stated about you.


A…hundred years ago?

EVANLIST stands up and walks towards the burning fireplace. TRISTAN turns around to see what EVANLIST will do. EVANLIST speaks of the prophecy, and as he does, images relating to it show in the flames.


Yes, and the prophecy states verbatim,”A cursed boy of sixteen years comes to the woods/ seeking the ingredients of a potion true/But when the full moon comes, the quest he’ll rue /And falls without a breath/The witch from her highest point, surrenders/Change in the land, the spirits shall render/And a drop of love unforgotten will bring Peace from her slumber.” And that is the prophecy told that lay in the minds of people who are waiting.

TRISTAN (thinking about the prophecy)

“…but when the full moon comes, the quest he’ll rue…” What does that mean? That I give up my quest?

EVANLIST shakes his head, and walks back to his leather chair.


The prophecy can mean many things, Tristan. It could be the last thing you ever thought it could be. This prophecy was a topic of controversy. Some people feared it, wondering what unknown change that was going to happen. Others await it, like you’re the second Messiah.


Okay, so this prophecy, is what drove some people crazy.


People like Victoria.

TRISTAN (curious)

Who is she? She got a lot of people under her spell.


Exactly. Victoria, is a cruel, ambitious, enchantress that you have to look out for. She is very convincing, Tristan. Can make the most ridiculous lie seem true. So you must know what to do when you get to her. And that is-

The lighthouse suddenly shakes, and sounds of angry shouting echo the whole room. TRISTAN looks around, frightened.


Oh no, my friends! I got to get to them.

TRISTAN stands up and begins to run towards the stairs, but EVANLIST grabs his wrist, stopping him.


Don’t leave!

TRISTAN hyperventilates, and tries to free himself from EVANLIST’s grip, but EVANLIST shook his wrist for him to listen.


Trust me! Our place is being invaded by Victoria’s soldiers…we both know whom she’s after.

TRISTAN stops, and realizes that they are after him.

TRISTAN (weakly)

What should I do?

EVANLIST lets go of TRISTAN’s wrist, and walks to the balcony.


Stay right here, no matter what. Even if you try, you can’t get out, for an invisible barrier doesn’t allow a human in or out unless a Firedust is with him. I’ll go down there and do what I can.

EVANLIST stands on the top of the balcony, and jumps off it. Simultaneously, TRISTAN runs towards the balcony to see what’s happening. He flung his hand toward, only for it to hit the invisible barrier that was at the beam of the balcony. He presses his hands on the barrier to see clearly.




EVANLIST lands softly on his feet, and faces the SOLDIERS(twenties) lined from the now broken entrance. The FIREDUSTS were either cringing in the corner, or looked ready to fight the SOLDIERS. ABIGAIL and DEXTER, were hiding on the staircase. ABIGAIL has herself shifted to wearing a dress with a baby-blue top with long puffed sleeves, and a yellow skirt that reaches her ankles. EVANLIST goes towards the SOLDIERS a bit, then SOLDIER #1 aims a spear at his face. EVANLIST is irritated by this.


Do you soldiers have any respect for the elderly? At least lower your spear.

FIRST SOLDIER does not comply.


Aye, sir. But, we wouldn’t leave until you give something Victoria wants.

CANOCLIS furiously bursts forward from the crowd, everyone stares at him.

CANOCLIS (maliciously threatening)

You came here for what she wanted? You must be stupid to come here, you punk. Take any one thing from here, you’ll be so, so sorry you did.

SOLDIER#1 laughs towards CANOCLIS, who instantly looked scared. FIREDUSTS look horrified towards SOLDIER#1. Nobody had the gumption to laugh at his face.

SOLDIER#1(darkly charming)

Oh, I’m not here for your feathers, though they are all the rage these last few days.

SOLDIER#1 stares hard at EVANLIST to make things more serious.


I came her to get the cursed boy. If you give him to me, then perhaps I will give you mercy.

TRISTAN shakes his head in disbelief and backs away from the balcony. ABIGAIL looks up at the stairs, wondering where TRISTAN is. She looks at the balcony but he’s not there. She grows scared, while DEXTER readied himself to attack.


Give me a signal, and I’ll leap outta here to at least distract those buggers while you and Tristan can escape.


The odds aren’t great. These aren’t drunk people. These are trained soldiers with weapons. I don’t know where Tristan is, but he can’t be here, or he might expose himself and possibly get killed. But, why does Victoria want him so badly?


To stop him from lifting his curse, and to stop the prophecy.

ABIGAIL is shocked and confused. DEXTER never told her or TRISTAN of a prophecy.


What prophecy?

FIREDUST MEMBER#1(15) a scared dark-haired girl wearing a purple dress, turns back at the two and shushes them.

FIREDUST MEMBER#1(talking lowly)

Both of you stop talking, or you both will get caught.

SOLDIER#1 caught the FIREDUST MEMBER#1 talking to someone in in the back, though could not see ABIGAIL or DEXTER.

SOLDIER#1(trying to get her attention)

Ahem, young lady?

FIREDUST MEMBER#1 turns around ,and found that SOLDIER#1 was looking at her.


Yes, sir?


I’ve known your kind to be very honest-to the point that nothing is untrue or hidden. I saw you talking to someone in the back.  Just to make sure, they aren’t anyone worth killing, who are they?

FIREDUST MEMBER#1 grows worried, and looks around for people who could speak up for her. TRISTAN goes to the beam of the balcony, and looks down, waiting for what happens. FIREDUST MEMBER#1 looks straight at the soldier, soon realizing that she’s on her own.


Um, a girl named, Rosaline…

FIREDUST MEMBER#1 turns back at ABIGAIL and DEXTER, who quietly urge her to keep going, and she turns back at SOLDIER#1 to finish her sentence.


…and her dog, named…Poofy.

Some of the FIREDUSTS and SOLDIERS snicker at the name “Poofy”. EVANLIST smiles broadly at the name choice. TRISTAN had to stifle a laugh. ABIGAIL covers her mouth to giggle, while DEXTER looked insulted.


I, of all the adjectives, am not poofy. Adorable, furry, even sweetheart, preferably ferocious, but not poofy.


Poofy…that was just creative.

SOLDIER#1 was the only one who did not react to the funny name.


May I talk to this…Rosaline? I can sense her aura is…not the usual Firedust.


Oh no. She’s…scared of soldiers.

SOLDIER#1 signals SOLDIER 2(twenties) and SOLDIER 3(twenties) to go to FIREDUST MEMBER#1 to move her away. Each of the two soldiers hold her arm, and wait for SOLDIER#1’s command.


Move her away.

SOLDIER 2 and SOLDIER 3 roughly move FIREDUST MEMBER#1 away, revealing ABIGAIL, clutching tightly on to DEXTER. TRISTAN sees them in trouble, and runs to the stair entrance, pounding his way out to rescue them if he still could. ABIGAIL looks up again, looking for TRISTAN, but the balcony looked empty and no sound came out. DEXTER growls at SOLDIER#1.


What nerve do you have coming here?


Well, little albino. You, and your friend are surrounded. We came here for the cursed boy, but…if we take you…no action would be necessary.

SOLDIERS grab ABIGAIL and DEXTER and run, carrying them away. ABIGAIL and DEXTER scream and struggle for a way out. FIREDUSTS stand quietly, doing nothing. TRISTAN pounds against harder, screaming.




SOLDIER#1 shuts the door of a carriage made of metal, with ABIGAIL and DEXTER screaming inside. SOLDIER#1 gets on the driver’s seat of the carriage and begins riding, with the SOLDIERS riding on their horses alongside the carriage.


TRISTAN is sitting down with his back leaning against the balcony, sobbing. EVANLIST comes over next to him, and waits and listens to his crying.


Just crying won’t bring them back.

TRISTAN looks at EVANLIST with total disgust.


What are you doing here?


I know how it feels when your friends you’ve been with are taken away from you. But, there wasn’t anything we could’ve done. We were unarmed, and the last thing we wanted was another massacre, and more loss. There wasn’t anything you could have done there as well. You could’ve been kidnapped as well, or be killed in front of them.


Doesn’t matter. I should have done something.

EVANLIST looks down, wondering what to do.

TRISTAN (determined)

I’m going there to rescue them.

TRISTAN stands up and starts to leave when EVANLIST looks up, knowing what he was going to do.



TRISTAN(still leaving)



Because if you go to Victoria’s castle to rescue them, you are being led to a trap. She’d KILL YOU!

TRISTAN stops and looks at EVANLIST.


Then what am I to do, if I’m not going to save them?

EVANLIST comes up to him, and puts his hand on TRISTAN’s shoulder.


Continue your journey. Get the rest of these ingredients.We Firedusts will go to Victoria’s castle and rescue them ourselves.


But…you said you didn’t want-

EVANLIST signals him to stop.


Victoria’s after you, not after our people. We’ll give her something to distract her with while you go and lift that curse. It would be something they want as well-for you to be safe, along with able to reach your goals.

TRISTAN lowers his head a bit, and thinks about it. Then, he nods and looks up, agreeing to this.


Okay, I’ll go on with this. But, be careful, okay?

EVANLIST (chuckling a bit)

Don’t worry. We’ve been messing with that witch for hundreds of years. She’ll be perfectly occupied.

TRISTAN turns to leave, but EVANLIST just remembered he had something in his dark robe.


Oh, before I forget,

TRISTAN turns around, and EVANLIST brings out a closed pouch full of the twenty feathers that he needed.


Here’s your feathers. You’ll need it.

TRISTAN walked over and gingerly received it, and then hugs EVANLIST, who laughs in response. TRISTAN then lets go.


I gotta go, and continue my journey.



TRISTAN turns and begins waking towards the stairs. EVANLIST, then turned off the barrier by touching the railing, and TRISTAN passed through with ease.


TRISTAN enters the stairway, and sees the FIREDUSTS waiting for him on it. The looks on the FIREDUSTS’ faces were expectant, all eyeing him and the pouch of feathers.


I was just-

CANOCLIS (impatient)

We all know what you’ve been doing up there and what Evanlist wants for us. And although I want to kill you, the witch Victoria needs some shaking up.


What my ornery brother was violently saying, is that we heard what your plan is, and we are going to agree to it, and go to Victoria to distract her while we can. You continue your quest in peace, and your friends will be freed, and sent to the mountaintop.


Evanlist never told me anything about a mountaintop.


Practically, the top of the mountain, called Hoventia’s Rise, is the best place to make the potion. With it’s thin pure air, and the cold temperatures, the potion would be in it’s best-enough to lift your curse. It is at the east, and can be seen from a mile away, as the Firedust flies.


And before you go, I need you to know something.

CANOCLIS grabs TRISTAN’s neck and slams him to a wall.


Do something stupid, I’ll kill you, right after I mess with Victoria. Remember, I’m not being your nice maid here!


TRISTAN’s narrating.


I already made up my mind that you are a complete jackass who likes to hurt people. I wasn’t expecting you to even want to be on my side. So, forget it.

TRISTAN’s phone rings, alerting him of a new text. He signals the viewers to hold on, gets the phone and answers it, and reads the text. Then, he looked surprised for what it read.


Oh, that’s your reaction?


CANOCLIS drops TRISTAN to the stairs, who take deep breaths of air. ROWANELLIS shoots CANOCLIS a glare, and helps TRISTAN up.


You alright?




Now you understood, get out of here and never come back.

TRISTAN nods at him for understanding and goes down the stairs. Along the way out the door, he grabs his bag, and ABIGAIL’s, in case she came back. As he looked at his bag, he looked at the branch, and saw that there are eleven days left for him to live. Aware of that, he goes out, but turns back at the FIREDUSTS to wave goodbye. Then turns to the forest, and walks out.


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