Happy Birthday, Blog!!!

Happiness    Source

Caption: Brigit Mendler from her old music video “Change the World” is put there as the most cheerful image close to a party. I’M JUST SO HAPPY!!!!

OMG!!! OMG!!!! It’s finally here!!! Omigosh! Omigosh! Three, Two, One!



Holy cow! I’ve always knew this day would come!!!!! WHEEEE!!!!!

I know it’s supposed to to be ” HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!” but I know that’s not good enough for a special blog like you, livelyburone.wordpress.com. We’ve made a great record of stories between the day this blog was born, to today.

So many stories have been put into making my own. Getting inspired by the media and the world around me, has caused my stories to be greater than maybe what I would have done without those ideas, and therefore, we have gotten a few followers and I have been liked by a few bloggers, and I really, really am excited for this day.


Caption: The castle from the very first post I’ve made in this mad blog!!!! YAY-HAY!!!!

And not only today, but the future year, with a path littered with ideas like toys left on the floor for me to play with!!! This is, HAPPINESS!! ECSTASY!!! STUFF LIKE THAT!!!!

Okay, okay, I’m calming down, a bit. So let’s look at this last year of our First Stories:

So far we’ve made…23 posts in one year! Excellente for my first try, but that won’t stop my progress, because this year, I plan to do more than a simple one post per month, as it seems that we are good, but we can be better than what we are right now!!!!

And even better, I am very much more experienced now, than I was last year, and I am really looking forward to improving my stories and to actually start declining ideas as well as receiving them, for a story’s like a statue, with me picking away the bad ideas and the extra space just to make a story a classic extraordinaire, like Star Wars, and the Chronicles of Narnia.

And speaking of fantasy, which the Chronicles of Narnia are in, I am a huge fan of them. But, I am even more interested in the classics, especially those who have the movie/TV show (wink, wink) adaption, just waiting for you to watch. These works like, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia (like I have mentioned, like, three times already) all the fairy tales from Disney and Brothers Grimm (which doesn’t make me a retard), Harry Potter, all the fantasy/adventure books that Rick Riordan-“storyteller of the gods”-has ever created, and finally, last but not least, Game of Thrones.


I did mention that a TV show adaption was going to be mentioned sooner or later (wink, wink). Right?

I am really excited that this day has arrived, for, as usual, I am full of ideas, and I’m sorry that they are either long, or not as funny as I promised they would be (where’s Tyrion Lannister when you need him?)

JK (just kidding) on that last part. Hopefully, I will be able to insert some witty comments that can brighten up my stories from a little bit, to A LOT!!!

You know, how you would see a person dance, or generally, perform, showing moves that look so simple yet in reality, is really complex and needs a long amount of time to practice? Same with writing stories, especially if you’re doing chapter books. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started stories with massive potential-things start great-than the “massive potential” thing about the story then rots like a fruit after it ripened, to the point I abandon it, with the entire cast and events totally left in midair (not literally). And also left it because another good story comes to my mind, luring me away from the project I’m doing now.

Writing means, you’re going to sit there, young/old man/lady, and you’re going to write what you have, and not let the plot stray from where it’s meant to go, and if the first draft ain’t good, you’re not going to abandon it-you’re going to edit it. Keeping the good, fixing the broken, and worst of all, cleaning up the crud in the story-cause you f—ing have to. You have to learn how to say “no” to yourself and to ideas which you think won’t work, and also get inspired about try new things, judging if that’s what you want for your story. And by the way, research your stuff so you won’t be pretentious and false about your topic/story, even if what you’re writing, is pure fantasy.

Okay, change of plans, if you are going to do pure fantasy, maybe you don’t need to do much research,-wit you do, coming to think about Game of Thrones as we read.

But, I’m not going to stick myself with just fantasy, though the thought of it would genuinely ROCK!!! I think I’ll dabble in probably a whiff or more on sci-fi, the news of the outside world, some things about myself in the “Read All About It” pages, that you can see at the side, which I plan to do more this year, so you can learn a little about me perhaps, and maybe put in some photos I’ve taken myself with my smartphone (Yes, I have a phone! I’m an adult now!!!)

Since, the trend right now is dystopian science fiction, (nothing wrong with it), I want to break out of that picture, and try to vitalize the fantasy that we have not yet abandoned. We have better toilets now, but there are still princesses out there, even the ones without royal blood.

New Castle


Though, in the end, what matters is that the story you write is the story you want people to read, when they end up in your website, either by choice or by accident, (even though Oogway from Kung Fu Panda had often said, ” There are no accidents”, though i’ll set this aside for later posts and pages).

Reading this now, I’ve never thought my post about celebrating my blog’s birthday could sound serious and ambitious, when i could just talk about the past year, and how I should’ve put a happy picture featuring colorful balloons on a sunny day.

And I should have! Gosh, I want to feel the party love around here. But the jpe type on the pictures-all from Searchlock/Google images/random websites with links found in Searchlock/Google images,-are not accepted in this WordPress. I should do something about it.

And during the last year, I was pretty fickle about what theme my WordPress blog site should be. I’ve been jumping everywhere it seems. From, Libre, to Boardwalk, to Cubic, to Dyad, to Spun…ET CETERA!! This theme right now, Publication, this isn’t the first time my blog was under this theme. Though with my fickleness down, I am glad to say that “Publication will be the theme of my blog to the end of our days!!”

That, my friend, is the example of a total lie. ;-D

In truth, I am still fickle about this blog’s looks, and I want it to look good, and not mess up the looks with the images-are they the problem-and often I would look at the Free ones to see if they got better ones than the one I’ve got currently. As much as i want to get the ones that cost money-which look so much better than the Free Ones, I don’t like spending too much money (Yes, $69 is currently being on the label of expensive).

Will we ever switch to the Premium Plan? My answer: Maybe? Someday, I bet. When I graduate from high school, and college, and have a job with a huge, steady salary. So, i can live with the Free Plan. The other two plans are not too expensive, but I again, don’t like the notion of spending money.

But that shouldn’t bring us down a bit. Today, we are a year old in this blog-writing path. A year full of ideas put and dismissed. And the path goes on and on.

This year, it’s going to be exciting for all of us! And I hope my stories go from regular stones to foreign steel. Or gold.


From buildings to landscapes, from deserts to forests, to opposites and equals, space and the earth, and from the adult’s world and the children’s world, may my stories glitter with magic dust, and animate live before your eyes, for I’m already walking on this new road of a new year. I wish luck to all who dive into the books.

Happy Birthday Cheerios,





P.S: “Shhh! There’s magic at work!”-a quote from a Disneyland advertisement from the early 2000’s. And Happy Birthday!


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