What a day for a blogger!

There was a site that I have been following, even before I created my  own blog, and this blogger is a witty writer at her best. She goes under the alias of “Coffeecara”, like how I go under mine, as “Livelyburone”-sorry, you can’t find out my real name. She doesn’t go under this because she likes coffee, but because she dreams of becoming a writer soon, just like I do.

Her blog that I follow, is called Thought and Shared, though the URL is called Anyone whose made a website, would understand that the title, is not always the same as the URL-or at least anyone who made a WordPress website, but that’s beside the point!

This author is fascinating. She often writes a few stories, and like me, but earlier, wrote a screenplay as well. It was about a writer who talks to her boyfriend about the book she’s trying to write (writer’s block), about a woman whose lost her memory, and her boyfriend is trying to help her regain some of the lost memories. After she leaves, one of her neighbors, who she dated once, jokes with her boyfriend about him kissing her-” You kiss like brother and sister” (I’m paraphrasing; not a direct quote), and wants him to be a bit more romantic. I’m leaving you guys at this point in telling the rest, but it is a good read.

Unlike me, she doesn’t write fantasy stories. Instead, Coffeecara writes about real things (like winter, America’s obsession with tests, the dress controversy–yes, the what-color-is-this-dress 2015 controversy, and how Hollywood stars and actresses are exploited because of their fame, etc.), and stories with mostly real things added upon it (the screenplay of the writer and her boyfriend).  Coffeecara is also very perspective, as she talks about the difference between a piano and a violin (I still think the violin is simpler-no having to struggle with both hands that refuse to harmonize with each other), and the common themes that show in portraying female writers. In my opinion, she’s more into reality than I am. While I am basically creating worlds outside Earth, she still lives in it, and expresses her opinions and what she knows about it. She has more chances of changing the world than I do, because what she writes about, when talking about the outside world, is true, as she says what some people could be thinking about as well.

Unlike me, not all of her posts have a featured image. But, it doesn’t mean that the context behind the lack of an image, is less worthy of being read and commented on.

Of course, she doesn’t write about everything, since her posts are a few months apart, but it doesn’t diminish how well she can write. She once gave an excerpt of a romance she is writing called, “A Tumultuous Journey”, and it alone was fantastic, as she narrates:

… I suddenly awaken in the middle of the night. The moon is very bright and full tonight, as are the stars. The moonlight flowed into the room in rivers, yet the room is still quite dark. I sit up, and realize that the bed is strewn with colorful flower petals. Near my pillow lay a note. I recognize Richard’s handwriting as I read, “Meet me in the ballroom.” I leave my bed, and softly tread across the cold floor. I pick up my ivory silk bathrobe as I go, and I put it on over my sleeveless nightgown. My hair hung loose, flowing down my back, with small honeysuckles woven into the locks. I rush downstairs as soundless as a ghost, and cross through the maze-like hallways, and open into the large ballroom. To my disappointment, the ballroom is empty. “Rick?” My voice replicates as it vaporizes into the marble walls.

If, by any small chance, the beginning of the excerpt does anything but move you, than I don’t have a clue, on what will. Maybe I’m biased, but I just love this website.

The reason I am recommending this blog, is that even though her posts are amazing, she doesn’t have an audience member, other than myself. Because of that, she had sometimes thought of deleting her website (me:” NOOOOO!!!!” then going all Jeor Mormont and saying: ” Coffeecara, I forbid you to delete this website.”) That, in my opinion, should do anything but not happen. Like, ever.

I don’t know how I got to see this site, (I was probably lucky), but her blogs were the inspiration to make a blog of my own. Yes, without Coffeecara, the stories of the flower, the Dancer in the Snow, Tristan Doven, Celia Kent and Pallamignon, Kevin and his mirror, Swan Petterson and Goswin Lestrin-all that would be just in my head, if not ever existed at all, if not for her blogs.

Therefore, I am recommending that you read a post. The best ones, I believe are in 2015, but 2016 has shown wondrous excellence for her voice to give to the world. There are links above that you can try. These are not the only posts. There are more. I just gave you all some samples.

Do you want to know the best part?

She always put up a post about the ending year, and the year in total, when the new year is near.

There are two so far, the end of 2015, and of 2016. Both are good reads, and I hope to see more of her New Year posts in the future, as she sums up our whole year, by saying the good and the bad of it all.

Thank you for reading this. It has been a long time, since I wrote about something real. And the first time in forever, that I start and complete the post, in one day.

Sincerely Yours,



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