Happy Birthday! You’re Two Years Old! You’re Two!

A firework display to celebrate!!!!

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Oh my goodness, we have come so far…

I have enjoyed being a huge part in this blog, writing new stories, and now, a full grown book is on its way! I can’t believe it!!!

Though, while this is a day to celebrate our past achievements, it is also a day to make new goals.

My stories are coming less, I have seen. More Long Shot’s Clip than Short Speeches. And not much other than The Mark of the Owl and the Phoenix, and the Amity Potion Screenplay. And even though I am concerned about my world around me, it wasn’t the reason I made this blog in the first place.

We both have changed. Our stories have become less light. And longer. I wonder if I am the same girl anymore who has funny scenarios that appear throughout the day. The answer seems bitter: not anymore.

But, I don’t believe that it won’t become light again.

My plan for this year, is to make more short speeches. To make more funny scenarios enter the blog. Even though I cannot remember much of my old scenarios, I hope to gather new ones, and write them down.

I have plenty of ideas, but I don’t know if they are worth writing dow-

What am I doing? Since when was imagination restricted much? Why am I scared now to write down these ideas?

I need to be happy again. Maybe I can start by reading my older posts of 2015. What a lighter year it was.

Which is strange. At 2015, I was actually pretty upset, yet I can create something happy. Now…I think I feel nothing most of the time, then…ah, I know…

Anyway, our two years were great. The Mark of the Owl and the Phoenix is doing splendid. And the Amity Potion is reaching its endgame. I hope to be able to make new characters and new stories after the Amity Potion. Something adventurous and new, something happy, something imaginative, creative, expressive, and light.

Also, I have noticed that I have made much, much, less than I did previously. I am slacking!!! I have to do more. Forget more Short Speeches. I would settle if all I did were Long Shot’s Clips!!!!

Anyway, August is still a summer month. I can still do this. I can still do nine in one month. Or can I?

Anyway, another goal: I have to make a New Year’s Post! I had my opportunities last time, and I believe it is needed. Come on! It’s the New Year’s! Time to await what the new year’s bringing!

Lastly, is for myself. Not so much for the blog.

This summer was mostly spent sitting at home, doing practically nothing, with no other contact other than my family. “I think it’s affecting me”, as Legolas would say in his drinking game with Gimli. I believe, if I spend more time with other people, other than my family, I would be lighter, instead of brooding in the dark corners. We people are social animals, after all. Company brings light times as well as dark ones.

Yeah, I would like to make something light. Happy Birthday, Tales Spun From Imagination. I hope this third year rocks.




One thought on “Happy Birthday! You’re Two Years Old! You’re Two!

  1. Compared to the last birthday post I made, I am more somber in this one. Last year, all I wanted to talk about was what I have done over the months. Now, I am looking to the future, expecting something light. And the post is shorter. Merely 500 words. I talked more in the last one.

    I wish I could burst with the same happiness as before. I think that’s still possible. I think that’s what I get from staying in a small apartment all day. I wonder if I can be more social once September rolls in…I probably would be. Squee!!!!!
    Edit: Since I updated it, I now have only 559 words. An improvement? Anyway, more thought has been put on it. Enjoy!!


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