New Year, New Look

Reaching up
Look up! It’s the future

Source of Skyscrapers

Today, is this blog’s second birthday, so I thought, Well, if it’s a new year, it won’t hurt to have a new look.

So, out with the Photography theme, and in with the new theme.

The first had held promises. It was a theme, called Visual. it looked stunning. And it didn’t look too bad. The problem, it showed the whole thing, and because I operate with a free plan only, I cannot put the decision, that it would be alright, if i just showed the summary instead. Summaries are much smaller anyway.

Which disappointed me. On the Open Live Demo, the posts were cut short by a “Continue Reading” link. Why wasn’t mine?

Eventually I replaced the Visual theme, with Intergalactic Theme, which is the theme now.

It’s super cool, with a homepage, and the posts don’t reveal everything, and looks completely gorgeous. I wonder if I want it to be a permanent change.

Oh no ;-), my fickleness is back!!!!

Judging by the happy emoji I left behind, I welcome the change.

Sure, sure, I’ll be bugging you all, but I like trying out new things, even if they may take more time, time needed to write more posts. Oh well.

The third year has begun, and we look good!




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