The Amity Potion Screenplay-Part 6


Confessions and conclusions will be made, thus the twisting hallways. But the light from above, shows hope, that the quest will continue after the hard things were said.




Come on. Don’t fail me now!

The camera flickers open for a minute with buzzing noises, then shuts down again into darkness.


I’m not done yet, you know that.

Buzzing noises are there, but nothing shows up.


Let me get a new camera.


TRISTAN’s face show up, as he puts the camera into position. The camera shakes a little, but after a few minutes, TRISTAN finally got it secured, and sits down on his chair.


Sorry, about that. The old camera just suddenly shut down, and I dropped it, so I can’t use it anymore. Just don’t tell Abigail about this.

DEXTER walks into the door, his snout flecked with blue icing.


Don’t tell Abigail what?

DEXTER notices some fragments of a broken camera. He is shocked. It was Tristan’s camera.


Cor blimey. I wonder how much that costs. Shall I continue the story?


HANDMAIDEN(22), a lady wearing a dark red dress, walks down towards the rotunda where VICTORIA was watching from her crystal ball.


Your majesty? Anything you need?

VICTORIA turns around to look at HANDMAIDEN and smiles at her.


The girl and the albino fox are captured. Although I wanted to spill the cursed boy’s blood, I like the idea of capturing his companions and using them as bait…

VICTORIA then gives a distracted look and walks closer to her HANDMAIDEN.


But, the bait was taken by the wrong people.


Th-the Firedusts, you mean.

VICTORIA walks back into the rotunda, explaining more with her HANDMAIDEN behind her.


Yes, the people whom I’ve dealt with for hundreds of years. Now, we are having a detour. Fortunately, I learned what makes them tick, and bend to my will.

VICTORIA brings out a bottle of red smoke inside, and the HANDMAIDEN gasps in recognition.


The Scent of the Fallen Firedusts! So you’re saying-

VICTORIA tosses the bottle to HANDMAIDEN, who catches it immediately.


Spread it on these Firedusts, and when they are properly discouraged, bring them to me.


Yes, your Majesty.

VICTORIA smiles with pleasure, that things were gonna be good her way, and dismisses the HANDMAIDEN. Then, she leaves her crystal ball to stare at the mirror at the right end of her room. SANDRA(ageless), Victoria’s fraternal twin sister is locked there, and she appears the moment VICTORIA looks at her own reflection.


I’m confident, sister, that your plan will surely fail. I know very well that they’re never done right.

VICTORIA rolls her eyes in disgust and disbelief. She didn’t believe her, and thought that her goody two-shoes alter ego, was being too arrogant.


Oh, like the time I tricked you into drinking dish soap when we were twelve?


Heavens, no! That wasn’t even a proper plan! Besides, Mother always said that I was better!

VICTORIA felt hurt by her sister’s words and wanted to just shatter the mirror SANDRA was in, but she knew that would set SANDRA free, so she didn’t even try.


That won’t matter now. Once I have the Firedusts taken care of, I will deal with the cursed boy myself, so that I will rule without a threat nearby.


You want them taken care of because they destroyed your lover years ago!

VICTORIA thrust her right hand towards her, and SANDRA shrieked and collapsed from a painful headache that VICTORIA was causing. VICTORIA wanted to make sure that SANDRA, her younger twin, knows and understands who is in authority and demands respect, which of course, is VICTORIA herself.


Don’t ever disrespect me, or mention him at all. I will rip your tongue out if it meant to give obedience and respect from me.


TRISTAN ventures through it sweating and exhausted, looking for the mountain, and the lover’s teardrop.


The feathers I got, so far, are leading me to the mountain. I can tell, because these things seem to gravitate towards that peak. Focusing right now on finding the last ingredient: the lover’s teardrop. Wherever I can find it.

His plant shows ten leaves, telling him he has ten Hoventian days left. Even with this much time, TRISTAN doesn’t think he’ll make it, judging by the looks of the mountain which he can see from where he’s at.


Still nothing from Abigail and Dexter. I wish either of them are with me right now. But, I know that the Firedusts will rescue them. But, I sense a feeling that I, am running out of time. The headaches are getting worse. Being more painful, and lasting longer. I look starved, no matter how much I ate-which is less each day, and I’m beginning to tire more easily. Are they signs of the curse finally working against me?

He sits on the ground, drops his and ABIGAIL’s bags, drinks some more water, and looks up at the treetop above him. Suddenly, the bright daylight disappears and indigo storm clouds cover the clear blue sky. TRISTAN then begins to run as lightning attempt to strike at him. He then enters a really dark cave, and gasps for breath from running so much. He noticed the bottle that held the plant, fall from his bag, and break into a million pieces. The entire plant wilts immediately. He sees all hope seemed lost.


So that’s it?! I’m gonna die?!

Thunder crashes, and TRISTAN jumped back as a response. Unbeknownst to TRISTAN, VICTORIA lurks deeper inside, using her voice to bring TRISTAN down.


Did you think that lifting your curse with these things are going to work?

TRISTAN turned around to see who was talking, and saw a pair of glowing indigo eyes staring back at him.

TRISTAN(a bit scared)

Wh-who are you?


Your second chance. The Amity Potion is just some scheme, a limiting factor for the Hoventian population. So, why bother? Spend your last days letting go, my dear. Cherish each moment before you’re gone. Chances are, your death would be just a quiet slipping away in the night. No pains, no worries. I have a place, you know. A station, where you can come back to your home, and meet your grandmother again. Lord knows she must be worried about you.

TRISTAN is nearly convinced by what she said, but he didn’t think whoever the person is, is telling him the truth.

TRISTAN(nearly convinced)

That is tempting, of course. But, I would like to die knowing I accomplished at least one thing in my life.

VICTORIA narrows her eyes, trying harder to bring him down. So she brings up his missing friends and tries to drive him off-course.


What about your friends? Surely, you can’t leave without them. They must be devastated when they found out you pursued your own self interests rather than saving them. I wouldn’t count that as an accomplishment if I were you.


The Firedusts will rescue them. Then, they’ll meet me at the mountain.


The mountain. You don’t even know if you’ll reach the peak in time! Nor do your friends, if you want to know. You’re wasting time, young one. And how are you so sure, that the Firedusts will do what they say? Surely, they must be saying this, just so you could leave them for good. Besides, you barely even know them.


But they-


They gave you nothing, boy. Have you ever checked once, if there was really something? Too desperate, young one. It could be the wrong ingredient.

TRISTAN then turned irritated from the taunting person, so he grabbed the bags and yelled at her.


Look, I don’t know who you are, or what you are, but I don’t care of what you’re saying. I’m going to that mountain, and lifting my stupid curse, whether you like it or not.

TRISTAN began to turn away, when the unseen torches in the cave lit up instantly. Noticing, he turned back, and saw VICTORIA, standing in front of him.


Who are you?


Victoria. The one who cursed you, and the cause of your nightmares.


Why? Why did you do this to me?! What did I do?!!

VICTORIA(glaring hatefully)

Be your mother’s spawned bastard. That’s what you did!

VICTORIA stormed towards him and thrust her hand out, sending TRISTAN to the wall, choking.


You barely knew her. Good thing you did. She was loyal and brave, I admit. Much like your grandmother, of course. But, in alliance with some of the Firedusts, she killed someone I care about very deeply. This, was my revenge.

VICTORIA flung her hand away, letting go of TRISTAN as he collapses, gasping and coughing for breath. When TRISTAN can breathe normally, he and stands up and glares at VICTORIA.


So that’s why you sent me all these monsters. Why you kidnapped my friends. You wanted me dead. Why not kill me now?

VICTORIA smirks cruelly, like her answer isn’t going to be good for him. Her eyes glow purple.


I want everything dear to you, to perish and disappear in front of you. I want you and that witch you call your grandmother to know what it was like to feel, that you have lost everything. After that, I won’t have to kill you. You can do it yourself.

TRISTAN collapses, screaming as he is in pain from VICTORIA’s spell.


ABIGAIL wakes up, TRISTAN’s screams echoing in this scene for a second. She looks around, notices she is in a fancy bedroom, wearing a nice white nightgown. She is in a canopy bed, covered by heavy blankets, looking out at the white floors, white walls, the elaborate window showing a forest, shining with daylight. ABIGAIL looks around, to see if anyone is here. She calls for her friends.


Tristan? Dexter?

ABIGAIL tries to remove herself from the bed, when the door opens, and an OLD SERVANT (at her eighties) comes in with a tray with a small bowl of steaming hot porridge, a small cup filled with tea, and cookies on a saucer. OLD SERVANT looks at ABIGAIL and greets her gently.


Hello, sweetie. Now don’t get up just yet. Here’s your breakfast. Your dress will come in a few minutes, and the maids will fill your bath with water. Do you bathe in hot or cold water?

ABIGAIL (confused)

Wait. Hold on. What?

OLD SERVANT waves away her questions. ABIGAIL feels her mouth close for a bit.

OLD SERVANT (reassuring)

There is nothing to be afraid of.  My lady has instructed that you will be properly fed. Now, eat! Eat, eat. Goodness you must be hungry.

ABIGAIL raises a spoon of porridge to her mouth.


After traveling with that cursed boy, whom you love.

ABIGAIL stops, staring at the OLD SERVANT in shock


How did you know this?


It’s nothing, Abigail Evening Landers.

OLD SERVANT gives her a hard look


Just eat.

The breakfast at her tray flash purple for a second. ABIGAIL pushes the tray away, and watches as the tray falls and silverware breaks to pieces. ABIGAIL looks back at OLD SERVANT staring in shock.

ABIGAIL (talking quickly)

Sorry. I’m allergic to milk.

Throwing covers away, ABIGAIL gets out of bed, and races out the door, the OLD SERVANT shouting.


She escaped! Get HER!!!

ABIGAIL runs through a hallway, and then makes a turn, running, until she sees VICTORIA and her handmaidens walking in the opposite hallway. VICTORIA notices her and stops.


Abigail, is there something wrong?


ABIGAIL is narrating.


You know that moment when you know you are doomed? That was it.


ABIGAIL is staring at her in shock, and then asks questions.


Where is Dexter? Where’s Tristan? What have you done with them?


Dexter? There is no Dexter here. And Tristan had gone towards the mountain, and sadly, I believe he…didn’t make it.

ABIGAIL opens and closes her mouth, bursting into tears. She is in shock. VICTORIA turns to her handmaidens.


Catch her. And give her some warm milk as well.

ABIGAIL mumbles something, perhaps a refusal, and tries to turn and run. But, the handmaidens are fast in grabbing her down, and milk is messily poured into her mouth. ABIGAIL chokes and spits out the milk, but eventually drinks and her eyes glow purple.


TRISTAN is sitting alone in a dark prison, and blinks his eyes open. He looks at his left, and see MARIE-GRACE sleeping in the same cell near the small window, emitting daylight. He tries to go over to her, but finds out his right wrist is levitated and chained to the wall. He turns to MARIE-GRACE, and tries to wake her.


Marie-Grace! Wake up!

MARIE-GRACE opens her eyes and gasps when she sees TRISTAN.


Oh, Tristan.

She tries to go to him, but her ankle is locked to a chain connected to the wall next to her. Both characters could never reach each other.


How did you get here?


Victoria imprisoned me not long after you and Abigail left. How are they?


They were kidnapped. I was going to the mountain, but I got imprisoned by her as well.

TRISTAN grows sad at the memory.

TRISTAN (cont.)

Why didn’t you tell me what my parents did here? Victoria told me they killed someone.


Her lover. He was about to kill them both. After that, he was about to take over Hoventia, and leave every person living there under a spell of misery. They didn’t want that to happen.


Your curse wasn’t their fault. It was not yours either.

The door opens and VICTORIA steps in, evil smile etched in her smile, wearing a black satin kimono-wrap dress.


I see you two have reunited just fine.

VICTORIA stares at MARIE-GRACE, and spills the beans.


I cannot wait to tell you how Marie-Grace has sent you to your death.

TRISTAN is in shock, and angry that VICTORIA would accuse her of such crime.


You are the one who basically sent me to my death! You said that you cursed me to die!

VICTORIA turns to TRISTAN and explains


Yes, at the very night of the day of your first month. But you didn’t die that night. Or the many nights ever since. Have you wondered what was in your grandmother’s tea? Or why you were getting headaches the last few days?


What are you saying?


Tristan, don’t listen to her. She’s trying to manipulate you!

VICTORIA turns to MARIE-GRACE and says the truth.


Her tea is the Amity Potion.

TRISTAN looks to MARIE-GRACE, in shock. He doesn’t want to believe this.


This can’t be true, right. This can’t.

MARIE-GRACE looks at him guiltily. TRISTAN shakes his head.


Then what am I doing here?! What are we doing here?! Why did you send me here?


Isn’t it obvious? I don’t believe she wants you around anymore. Waste of space, I presume. I think she was trying to get rid of you, just like she got rid of your parents.


You liar! You terrible liar!! I have never done such things!!!

VICTORIA(with finality)

I have done many horrible things in my life that have led me up to this point, but let me tell you this: I never lie.

VICTORIA laughs as she steps back from their prison and the doors close.


Tristan? Tristan? Please, let me explain.

MARIE-GRACE tries to get his attention. But no response.


This was my darkest hour.


TRISTAN is now narrating in front of the camera, his face hung in remembrance of the hour.


I mean, I just couldn’t even look back without feeling the anger,


TRISTAN is crying softly to himself, no longer hearing MARIE-GRACE’s voice.


the hopelessness I felt, when I realized that what I was doing was for a lost cause, and that the one person I knew was family to me, had deceived and betrayed me.  I didn’t want to speak with her again. The effect of what happened is still there.


Sounds of hitting the door of a prison at 9 o’clock clang and echo across the rotunda.


DEXTER leaps towards the prison door, trying to get out, but no success. He cries out to the prison door.



VICTORIA’s voice can be heard through the door. DEXTER stills and quiets to hear.


This dinner will be quite remembered for a thousand years. All the nobles coming, fifty courses, 20 hearths, and finally, my vengeance within my hand’s grasp. Isn’t that right?

ABIGAIL’s flat voice can be heard outside the door as well.


That’s right, Victoria. With the cursed boy imprisoned, he’ll be nothing but ashes to you. I never liked him anyway. He was just a cowardly, stupid boy, with no life to live for in the first place.


VICTORIA is standing at the center, talking and planning with ABIGAIL, who is wearing a very revealing black dress. Her hair is tied into a bun.


You are so much better like that, you know. That dress suits you exactly.

VICTORIA walks a few steps, circling her, then a suggestion comes to mind. By then, VICTORIA is behind ABIGAIL.


Though, it takes more than wearing the clothes I choose to be part of my castle.

VICTORIA gives ABIGAIL a sharp dagger, and steps to her left side. ABIGAIL, looks up from the dagger to her, and receives an order.


Kill the fox. He’s in the cell-


DEXTER looks around and listens with fear of VICTORIA speaking.


-at your left. After he is dead, send his body to the hunters, where they’ll skin him for our dinner. He is a rare delicacy after all.


ABIGAIL! NOO! You’re under a spell!!

The door opens, revealing VICTORIA, with her arm outstretched to the prison, and ABIGAIL, standing still with a distracted look, holding the dagger.


Show this fox no mercy.

ABIGAIL immediately lunges forward towards DEXTER, who leaps away to save himself. ABIGAIL races around the cell, dagger ready, while DEXTER tries to talk her out.


ABIGAIL!! You’re not in control! You have to stop! You need to get yourself together!!

VICTORIA laughs by the doorway.


Oh, she can’t hear you. And even if she could, she won’t listen to you. She will only obey me.

VICTORIA looks to ABIGAIL, standing bent over DEXTER, and gives her an order.


Get him! Get him!

ABIGAIL brings down her knife towards DEXTER, who moves to his right just before the blade got him. The blade instead hit the prison stone wall, where it breaks into pieces.


NO!!! That was my fifth favorite!!!!

ABIGAIL lunges forward to strangle him, but he escapes her grasp, and they run out of the jail cell into the hall, with walls of red with gold cris-cross lines and hung paintings. DEXTER looks back to still see ABIGAIL still running, eyes glowing purple, looking to see anything see can use as a weapon. Her right hand, close around an empty candelabra standing on a nearby tabletop. SANDRA appears in a mirror behind DEXTER.


Free me! I can help you!



ABIGAIL swings the candelabra towards DEXTER who goes away from it. The mirror shatters, and bright light shines from it, causing ABIGAIL to shout and collapse, covering her eyes. DEXTER watches as SANDRA steps out, wearing a beautiful white dress. She squats next to ABIGAIL and lifts her hung head up. ABIGAIL’s eyes are distracted, looking from place to place.


Everything is so blurry.


A side effect of being under Victoria’s power. It will come back soon.


Who are you?


That’s Sandra. Victoria’s twin sister, the true ruler of Hoventia. I haven’t seen her in a very long time.


I have followed your progress in accompanying the cursed boy, Tristan, in getting the ingredients of the Amity Potion. We have to come to him. He has reached his lowest point.


Where is he? Is he alive?


He’s alive and here, Abigail. But I’m afraid my twin sister has somewhat poisoned his mind, rendering him unable to continue his quest.




Then bloody take us to him! We have no time to lose.


I can lead you there. Abigail, how are your eyes?

ABIGAIL is staring at her hands.


They’re better.


I barely heard her question.


ABIGAIL is now narrating.


My mind was recovering from being under Victoria’s spell, and all of what I have done is coming back to me.


ABIGAIL is going to DEXTER and strokes his fur. She is filled with guilt and about to cry.


I’m so sorry.


It’s alright. Any road, you weren’t yourself.



I have a massive amount of guilt in me. Even though I was not the one holding the reins at the time.


Are we ready?

ABIGAIL stops hugging DEXTER, wipes her tears, and turns to SANDRA.


We are.

ABIGAIL and DEXTER join her, in walking quickly down the hallway towards the rotunda. ABIGAIL, concerned, feels her revealing dress as they are walking. SANDRA notices, and growing from her white dress, is a muslin shawl, that she puts over ABIGAIL’s shoulders.

ABIGAIL (with a smile)

Thank you.

A thought comes to DEXTER, and he looks up to SANDRA


What will you do with Victoria? She must be at the end of the hall.


I will get you guys back on your journey as soon as we can. Now that I am freed, she must be at her room, looking through her spell book to find a way to put me back, or to restrict my powers.

The group continues to walk together, but faster with SANDRA’s hair starting to fly in the wind.

SANDRA (cont.)

That, and with Tristan’s quest running out of time, we need to hurry.


TRISTAN is sulking in the prison cell. MARIE-GRACE’s head is lowered, giving up in trying to reach him. Their door opens and they look up, and ABIGAIL and DEXTER rush to his side. ABIGAIL hugs him. SANDRA silently greets MARIE-GRACE with a smile, and sits by her chain. ABIGAIL stops hugging him, and looks at him.


Thank goodness you’re alive.


Alive?…Did the Firedusts rescue you?


No, they haven’t, actually. We rescued ourselves. With the help of Sandra, Victoria’s twin sister.

The clang of a broken chain is heard, and the three turn to look at SANDRA as she had freed MARIE-GRACE. While smiling about being free, it doesn’t reach her eyes as she gives a devastated look at TRISTAN. It is picked up by everyone in the room that something bad happened between them. ABIGAIL turns to TRISTAN.


What happened between you guys?


I found out the truth. Marie-Grace had the Amity Potion all along.

SANDRA shakes her head, and explains.


Tristan, what she gave you, isn’t the Amity Potion that you need. It is actually an earlier potion people in Hoventia used.

TRISTAN (morose)

What are you talking about?


So, there was a time when people didn’t have the Amity Potion?

DEXTER (rolling his eyes)

Of course. There is always a time before everything. The potion your grandmother used, was the Amity Potion they used then. They didn’t have the same ingredients, nor have to be made by the blue moon. They cured ills, but only for so long.

The Amity Potion was then made two thousand years ago by Frederick Chanting himself, when he wanted to save his wife from dying. The bloke who discovered the forest, remember?

MARIE-GRACE puts her hand at DEXTER’S paw, telling him to be quiet. Then, she turns to TRISTAN.


I knew that you’ll be 17 soon, when the potion would stop working. I kept you at it so it can keep you alive, long enough to let you go to Hoventia and heal yourself.


Perhaps, but why didn’t you tell me? That ” Hey, that tea is what’s keeping your death at bay!”

MARIE-GRACE laughs a bit.


Would you believe it? If you went back to yourself before you embarked on this quest and told him everything, would he believe you?


I think she had a point. I mean, if I went back in time and told my past self half the things we experienced, he won’t believe me. Or, I wouldn’t believe me…


But we trusted you. We believed you when you told us about Hoventia and the Amity Potion. How is this any different?


I don’t want him to grow up thinking that he is crippled. That he couldn’t do anything because of his curse. I want him to believe that he can be strong enough, and good enough to get the Amity Potion. No matter what gets in his way.


I thought that I was going to die for nearly seventeen years. I thought I couldn’t do anything about the curse.


But you won’t die. You still have a chance to get the final ingredient and lift your curse. But, we are running out of time.

Sounds of FIREDUSTS screaming is heard from outside.


We must leave! Now!

SANDRA thrusts her hand out, and TRISTAN’S chains break. TRISTAN runs, while rubbing his wrist, with the rest of the group out of the prison cell.


Thank you for reading this!




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