Pronunciation of “Lively Burone”

A picture of the Ravine of Bellona, near the Como Lake in Italy.


The site’s name (OBVIOUS FACT ALERT) is And a lot of people cannot pronounce it. This was made clear in a school class when a classmate saw my website’s name and struggled to pronounce it by herself. I had to correct her.

Note, I had just assumed a lot of people can pronounce it right. I put the pronunciation down in the very first blog post I made, but to avoid having to put you in the trouble of scrolling down the screen to find it, I’ve decided to make a page, where I can teach you guys, how to pronounce it correctly.

The first part-“lively”-isn’t the problem. For English speakers, this is easy enough. But, if you don’t know the pronunciation of that word, I’d be happy to teach you this one first. If you already know, skip a few paragraphs until you find the words, ” Moving on…”

The “i” in “lively” has a long “i” sound. You hear it in the words, “I”, “ice”, “silent”, “lie”, etc. The “e” is silent. Don’t ask me why. Languages are messy that way-especially English. The “y” has a long “e” sound; it is common in the suffix -ly in describing things.

For example:

” John quickly grabbed the cookies off my plate.”

In this sentence, John-the subject-got the cookies-the predicate-and the adverb ” quickly” states that John did it pretty fast.

Put all those facts together, and you get “lively” live-lee

Thinking about it, I should have put the words that the pronunciation sounds like, and skip the whole grammar lesson I put you guys through.

Moving on…

The second part, ” burone”, is the tricky part for most people. This was my fault. I invented that name, thinking it was so easy to say, since it was, to me. Turns out, reality check, nearly no one can pronounce it right, unless I pronounce it right before them.

To pronounce this, the first syllable of the name burone, is said, like “byurh” This time, the y has a “yuh” sound on it, but the reason I write it as “byurh” and not “by”, is because the latter would have an entirely different sound altogether. To make this less complicated, think byurh rhymes with the word “pure”. Because it does.

Just say it if you can, “byurh”

“Byurh” rhymes with “pure”.

The second syllable is much, much easier than the first. It is pronounced as “own” The “ow” has a long o sound, but I don’t write it as “on”, because-again-that would make a different sound. I do not know where those silly rules came from, or what genius created them, but languages, more importantly English, can be about as complex and as ridiculous as the people who speak it.

Anyway, put the “byurh” and the “own” together, and you get “burone”


If you succeeded, give yourself a pat on the back, or if this was totally too complicated for you…it is pronounced, (live-lee-byurh-own). This is as far as I can go on that note.

And, just today, I discovered that burone, turned out to be like the wrong spelling of the Italian word “Burrone”, which may have caused some of you some problems. But remember, the “burone” I taught you is not the same as the Italian “Burrone”. Like the word “sever” meaning ” to cut” is different from the word “severe”, which is an adjective describing something as ” very serious”.

Turns out, ” Burrone” is Italian for ” ravine”. A ravine, for those who do not know, is “a canyon or valley with steep sides”, quoting from Google. And to have my website say lively-ravine by accident, seems to be a very sneaky, yet very imaginative coincidence.

I’ve looked at some Google images of ravines-like the picture above in this article, and noticed that some have creeks, streams and rivers in the center. And rivers bring resources and trade-taught from my Global History class-and trade brings culture, which brings art. Which brings literature, containing significant stories and tales to the world.

So, livelyburone, lively-ravine, was a title not too far from the reason I made this site July 31, 2015.

I created this website, to write my stories down. I first wanted to just put in crazy scenarios that I found in my head, as it was first made to do so, but over time, it became a place, where serious tales are written. But spun from imagination all the same.

Anyway, thanks for reading this article. I hope this helps you pronounce Lively Burone right, and leave comments below to see how I did on this article and my stories, and let me see where I can do better.