Transgender Ban: For Real?

Trump has put in a ban on which transgender people are barred from serving in the military. In doing this, he has shown his discriminatory cruelty and has broken the campaign promise that many had held to.

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My friend coffeecara is convinced that her glory days are gone. I am recommending you readers to try her out, to prove her wrong.

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The Mark of the Owl and the Phoenix. Chapters 5-8

Escaping the HEKN for now, the trio find safety, and ride with Swan’s uncle and a Sowlen companion to a village on their way to a nearby fort. There, they learn about the importance of the legendary lost princess of Pholuxon and prince of Sowlengard. The vanished royal children who disappeared 16 years ago. In the background, members of the White Flames want to look after Swan, and keep a closer eye for Goswin. King Norbert, however, would love nothing more, than to spill their very blood…

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The Amity Potion Screenplay-part 5

Victoria struggles to get answers out of defiant Marie-Grace, who hopes every day that her grandson will make it. Meanwhile, the trio encounters werewolves, where Tristan was played the biggest test of human will. After that, he gets to visit an ancient, hidden tribe. A tribe who have separated themselves from humans for a thousand years…

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