The Amity Potion Screenplay-Part 6

Tristan is captured by Victoria, who revealed herself as the person who cursed him. Then, in the jail cell with his grandmother, he hears a shocking truth that could endanger the journey…and his life.

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New Year, New Look

Today, the blog site’s look has changed once-twice, okay multiple times-more! My fickleness is back!!!

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The Mark of the Owl and the Phoenix. Chapters 9-12

Finally arriving at High Ebony, Swan is reunited with old friends, while Goswin gets a new position in the rebellion, but was asked to do something rather unfavorable. When Swan is getting healed, something amazing happened, and the truth long hidden was revealed, creating a new path for Swan and Goswin. Meanwhile, Solven gets humiliated for not getting the criminals he was supposed to, egging him on into a darker path, of losing himself entirely.

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